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Enable 2FA Now!!!!

With the growing number of web sites that are compromised, it’s still shocking to me that web sites don’t have 2 factor authentication, or derivatives of that. Just having a username/password is not good enough. A second authentication, something that … Continue reading

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Android Pay a Little Too Easy

Android Pay, formerly known as Google Wallet, had been around for awhile.  I first used it about 6 months ago, only because I was out on a ride and I forgot my wallet.  I had previously set up my debit … Continue reading

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That Time of Year Again – Change Your Password

I’m a little grateful that at work, they send me nag emails every 6 months, or whatever it is, to change my password.  Yes, it can be a pain in the butt, as I have to come up with both … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why I Love My Nexus Phone

Recently, there have been some exploits on Android, and most recently, there was Stagefright.  This is ones that allows you to remotely control your phone.  Scary.  I found out about this from an app I have called Lookout, which is … Continue reading

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Why Don’t All Merchants Adopt Two-Factor Authentication?

With all the stories in the media regarding customer accounts being hacked, it makes me wonder what type of authentication protections those merchants have.  Of course, the big buzz in security is to enable two-factor authentication wherever possible.  I agree … Continue reading

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3CDaemon Security Issues or Windows Firewall Issue?

I was recently trying to configure syslog on my Windows XP PC … typically, what I do is on the firewall, have it send logs to an external syslog server … that being my PC.  So I was trying a … Continue reading

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Securing Yourself Online

With all the threats of being hacked, phished, spammed, etc … I thought I would give a very basic primer for some of my friends on getting yourself secured.  This is common sense to some people, but not all are … Continue reading

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