Curses Black Friday

I live Timbuktu products, and when Black Friday hit, I kept getting those promo emails, and I caved in.  I mean, they had a laptop backpack for $39.  I got the Rogue … Oh hey, Rogue One is coming out.  Coincidence?

Laptop fits nicely.

It’s actually pretty comfortable on the commute.  It doesn’t feel too heavy.  Plus, it’s got lots of pockets.  Marketing video states you can put your U-lock on loops on the outside if the backpack.  Haven’t tried that yet.

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Has it Been 14,000 Miles Already?


i recently bought new wheels, and wow it looks remarkable.  When I looked at my Strava data, combined (with the Liscio 1, and now the Liscio 2 frame), I’ve accumulated 14,000+ miles.  Has it been that much?  I’ve had it for 3 years, so I guess with an average of 7,000/year, that does add up.

When I crashed, I only replaced the frame, and maybe a few spokes on the wheels, but never changed anything else.  I guess I should have replaced the wheels, but I decided not to.  Now that I replaced the wheels, there is one other thing I didn’t change … the disc rotors.  I took it into Calmar, and they found my rear rotor disc had indentation from the rear disc.  I guess this should have been expected, but I figure I only had it for 3 years.  I guess when you ride this like I do, the wear and tear does come quickly.

My LBS didn’t have my rotor in stock, so it’s on order.  Damn, just my luck … oh well, I guess that’s the good thing about having multiple bikes … when one’s in the shop, the other one finds love.  So until I get my Volagi out of the shop, I’m gleefully riding my Seven.

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That Annoying Little Spacer

Excited about my new wheels, I went ahead and changed my freewheel cassette over to my new Williams 25 Disc wheel.  Installed everything, and took it for a short spin.  However, something didn’t feel or sound right (like a little clicking).

Upon further inspection, I found the cogs were loose.  So I tightened the lock ring further, but still too much free play.  So I transferred the cassette back to the old wheel, and it’s as snug as can be.  Put it back over, and the same problem.  After an hour of really close inspection, I looked at the old wheel, and in the back of the freewheel, I found a really tiny spacer (one that you couldn’t tell unless you inspect it really closely).  I transferred that little spacer over, and now the cassette is as snug as can be.

Luckily I inspected this closely before going on my turkey day spin.  Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Things to do When You Get Insomnia

I’m not normal … Why do I say that?  Well who, in their right mind, would be waking up at 3:30 to 4:30 am, every day, as a normal habit?  I don’t even need to be in the office until 8 am.  I guess part of that is when I was doing double century training, and all the rides start at 5 am or earlier.  Or maybe it’s because I had a bunch of friends who wanted to get in a good hour training ride in, before heading into work?  These days, I just get in my hour by commuting into work (although it’s an easy flat route).

This morning, I got up at 4:10 am, fairly normal for me.  This time, what do I do?  Switch out the wheels on my bike, of course … how silly?


I guess it’s the excitement of new wheels .. but why didn’t I install it last night when I got home?  Who knows … I guess I seem to get more done at 4 am.  Of course, it’s with lots of coffee!


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Farewell My Friend Wherever You May Be


After 67 years, most arguably the best sports broadcaster in history has hung it up.  It was so extremely emotional, especially for those of us who have listened to this sport poet.

Like many young kids growing up in the 60s and 70s, we all had our own am transistor radios, and from the months of April through September, listening to Dodgers games broadcast by Vin Scully.  “Good afternoon to you, wherever you may be” … one of the most friendly and soothing greeting anyone could ever give me.  He always greeted everyone as “friends” … How could I not be a Dodgers fan, listening to this treasure.

It was interesting to know, that he became a fan, when listening to the Yankees beat up so badly on the Giants, that he felt sorry for the Giants, and then became a fan.  How ironic that he began his career broadcasting for the enemy, the Dodgers, for the next 67 years.

Occasionally, I would turn to the Angels baseball broadcast, and it just wasn’t the same.  Although I was listening to another hall of fame broadcaster (Dick Enberg, “Oh my!”), I just didn’t have the same melodic, poetic picture painted, as I was listening.  Later, when Dick Enberg moved on, the ones following were horrible.  This made me cherish what we have listening to the Dodgers broadcast.

Now try to picture someone else broadcasting this very same play.  It just wouldn’t be the same.  It was so appropriate, that the last broadcast at Dodger’s Stadium, is the clincher for the National West pennant, and on a walk-off in the bottom of the 10th inning, from a utility infielder.

It was also fitting that Vin Scully’s last game, would be broadcasting the Dodgers vs. Giants, in the Giant’s ballpark.


I was shocked, and emotional when the Giants fans gave Vin a standing ovation, and even more shocked when in the 7th inning stretch, for “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, they sung “root root for the DODGERS”. And this was in AT&T park … that was so special.

So my friend, thank you, for introducing me to baseball, all the stories, insight, and painting such a work of art in description of every baseball game you called.  You made me a baseball fan, and more importantly, a Dodgers fan.  Thank you, Vin!

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Mysterious Problems with Nexus

I’ve been a customer with Nexus phone for almost 3 years now.  For the most part, I’ve been happy with the fact that I can get the most up to date security fixes on Android. 

There have been some issues with (some my fault, others possibly due to OS and hardware incompatibility).

First, and most stupid … I used my phone to track rides on my bike (including when it rains).  Well I wasn’t thinking that rain could cause damage to my phone.  It shorted out my USB port … The phone still worked, but I just had problems charging it.  I worked around this by getting wireless charger, but eventually, the magnet wore off, and I ended up placing a weight on top of my phone, just so my phone magnet would connect up with the magnet on my wireless charger. 

Then there was the camera issue.  Every now and then, the phone wouldn’t be able to open the camera, forcing a phone reboot.  Based on a combination of these two problems, I ended up upgrading to a Nexus 6.

After upgrading hardware, I never ran into the camera problem.  Fast charging is great.  Security updates arrive on schedule, so it’s nice knowing I am secure.  However, a new problem arose … Every now and then, I would see a message “no sim card found”.  Damn!!!!  Uh, I kind of need this … This is a phone!  SIM card gives you a cell signal!

So after several reboots, it is able to finally detect it.  The is thing is this would happen after being charged overnight, sitting on my desk table.  I would see the problem re-occur, and every time, it requires a reboot, or two, or three, or ten.

Reading the Google forums, it seems others have observed this occurred after upgrading to Marshmallow.  Well, downgrading is not an option … I am not about to downgrade to a security vulnerable OS.  I’ll just have to see how long this Nexus 6 will last.  I know everyone wants iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 … But I am holding out.  If I do end up needing to buy a new one, Samsung Galaxy 7 may be the next way to go … I’ve heard that Samsung is getting fairly timely OS uodates … But I’ll hang on to my Nexus 6 as long as I can.  Camera is still pretty nice, battery life is still good.  I guess it’s all a matter if perspective, isn’t it?

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Viva Calle San Jose

Today, the city of San Jose closed a few streets in downtown San Jose.  Normally, these are not the most pleasant streets to ride, but closing these streets to traffic, I had to experience it.

It started out with the Heroes ride, which was a mass start from the Shark Tank.

It was nice seeing those who don’t ride like I do, and take advantage of this.  Of course, when hills came, lot of novice riders were unprepared.

The route featured going through Willow Glen, and Japan town.  Japan town was definitely the crowd favorite, and boy was it crowded.

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