Where are the Files Imported into Photos?

So with the most recent Mac OS release, Yosemite, or Mac OS 10.10, they replaced iPhoto with Photo.  When you plug in your camera, it automatically detects it, then imports your photos into the Photo app.  From there, it has the usual sharing options, to Facebook, Twitter, iCloud … but what if you don’t want to share to any of those.  Let’s say you want to share the photo on WordPress?  Should be simple, right?

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.50.31 AM

If you click more, it has a few more options, but no WordPress, or Google Plus.  It has to be one of the supported extensions.  The only way to include a picture onto WordPress would be to select the file to include … but where is the file?  When you try to search for that file, it is nowhere to be found.

So I found that the file is actually embedded inside another compressed file within your Pictures folder, but you won’t actually see it by going to that folder in the Finder.  What???

So here’s what you have to do.  In the Finder, go to your Pictures folder.  Once there, you have to go to the Photos Library, but don’t double click it … it would just take you to the Photos app.  Right click on the Photos Library, then select Show Package Contents.  It will then give you another hidden folder

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.58.36 AM

Once you select Show Package Contents, you will see the following:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.59.54 AM

Double click the Masters folder.  It then has folders arranged by year, month, and day.  So if you wanted to view pictures from 05-22-2015, then you would have to navigate to the folder 2015/05/22.  For example, when I go to that path, I get the folder 20150522-032809.  Once I double click into that, I will see my file, and then I can drag that file over to my WordPress page.

Wow, that is such a big ordeal, just to include a picture onto your blog.  This would hold true also for any other web page that is not on Apple’s list of approved extensions, like Meetup, Google Plus, and this list goes on and on.

I think I may opt for Picasa, which will at least allow me to take the file, and manipulate it any way I want.

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Six Weeks and Still Recovering

Well it’s been about six weeks since my accident … hey, it’s probably been about that long since I last posted a blog entry here.  Anyways, I’ve been able to get enough strength the get back on the bike, for a little bit at least.

The first couple of weeks was pretty rough.  I was walking with very small strides, and just needing to make sure my torso was not moving very much.  In addition to that, sleeping was an issue.  My rib injury is on the right side, and when lying on the bed, it caused changes in my torso position, making it really painful and difficult to sleep.  Rolling onto the left side … it was possible, but very painful.  Rolling onto the right side … that’s a no-no.  Because of this, I had to go and sleep on my recliner chair for a couple of weeks.  Not the most comfortable, but not as painful as if I lied on my back on the bed.

I was able to get around okay, even with my rib injury.  Driving … I had to position my torso, such that when I went in reverse, my body was situated towards the back, which mean spending about a good 3-4 minutes, just backing out.  Luckily, I didn’t run into any impatient cars in any parking lot I was in.

Weeks 5 and 6 gave me a bit more mobility.  I am now able to at least get back on the bike, and do flat rides.  So I’ve been commuting in, on my folder, and since work is only 7 miles, and 200 feet elevation gain, the ride in was not too bad.

These past two weeks, I’ve been able to ride on the weekends … both times, a flat ride out to Shoreline Village.

I figure I have about 2 to 3 more weeks of recovery time, before I can do some sustained climbing.

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Thank You to Everyone for Your Sympathies

I want to thank everyone for expressing their sympathies after hearing about my bike accident.  The outpouring of support is incredible, and I just want to thank everyone for their kind words.

The most common comment was when they looked at the bike, and they look at me, they are amazed at how well I came through … typically, they would say I look a hell of a lot better than my bike does.  Everyone is so thankful that I wasn’t injured worse than I was already.  Thank you for that.  I just brought my bike in to my LBS today, and they’ll give me a call on Tuesday, and let me know how bad it really is.  We do know a new fork is in order, but we’ll see how bad it really is.

We think what happened is that my front wheel locked up.  I don’t know if it was my gut reaction, and slamming on my ultra powerful disc brakes, but it seemed the wheel lockup, and the speed I was going, put so much force on the fork, that the fibers sheared away, as if someone cut the fork wiht a hacksaw.

I’m doing much better now … I’m regaining flexibility in my torso, to the point where I can back out of my driveway without too much discomfort.  I’m also finally able to sleep in my bed, instead of my recliner sofa … so things are improving.

I figure another week until I can start riding around the block.  Climbing Mt. Umunhum seems like such a pipedream now, but I’m not going to let this stop me.  I’ll be out there, don’t you worry about that.

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Not Another Fall

… yes, unfortunately, I took another fall earlier this week.  This was just on my commute into work, and it’s funny how everything seemed to be all going smoothly, and then suddenly, wham!  There was no car involved, but some pipe or cylindrical object was in the bike path, and I don’t think I saw it in time.

End result … face hit the ground, lacerations on my face.  After about a day, the blood dried up, but it also meant my jaw couldn’t really open too wide.  Was checked into El Camino Hospital, and nothing broken on the face, or knees … all checked out fine.  I do have cracked ribs, so here we go again … 6 weeks of being off the bike.

I was prescribed motrin and narco, but  I’m trying to not tap into those drugs quite yet.  I’m able to handle the pain so far, and I’ll just use them as a safety blanket.

This means my double century season is over.  I’m not sure if I am throwing in the towel for double centuries, but this body is getting old, and having two incidents of cracked ribs in 1 year … odds are not in my favor.

How’s the bike?  I don’t know … co-worker will be taking them with him (I left the bike in my cubicle) … most likely a cracked or broken fork, but not sure how the rest of the frame is.  Yes, this was my Volagi.  I may want to shift my focus on my riding from here on out.

Glasses were all shredded, so I had to go an order a new pair … luckily, I have a spare set of contact lenses, that should last me a couple of weeks.  It’s a shame .. these only lasted 5 months.

Update: Fork sheered at the headtube, and a broken spoke on my front wheel. Damn, too bad I didn’t have my Garmin VIRB recording at the time.


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Where’s My Picture Apple?

So it’s been what … about 3 years since I last owned a Mac.  Been working on Windows all that time, and now I’m back to a Mac as my home machine.

When I take photos on my Garmin VIRB, I typically import them into iPhoto … ahem … maybe that was my first mistake.  I use Google Photo for all my pictures, so I wanted to transfer the photo that was imported into iPhoto, then transfer them over to Google.  Well … that is a lot easier said than done.  So typically, you would see a file where the picture is, and then simply drag it over to Google Photo … right?

Well, first of all, this is Finder, which is where all the files are located, right?  Wrong … I mean look at the list of items you have to choose from in Finder … Favorites, All My Files, iCloud Drive, AirDrop, Applications, Desktop Documents, Downloads.  But where is iPhoto, and where is the equivalent file for the pictures?  So I did a Google search, and I found an interesting thread .. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3272818?start=15&tstart=0 … the original poster wanted to find out where is the file that is imported into iPhoto.  Exactly what I was looking for.

The main responder went ahead and told the guy that he is an idiot for needing to know where the file is … and basically stating that you don’t need to know where the file is.  And then went on the debate on Apple wants control, and why can’t you answer the question.  Then, he responds with:

In a nutshell: you can’t access the files via the Finder. When you chose to use iPhoto you chose to make it your Photo Manager. Anything you need to do can be don either with or via iPhoto. It’s your “Go-To” app for your photos.

Say what?  The Finder is supposed to have your files.  Well, after reading the thread a bit more, I finally found where the file is located, but it is a bit convoluted.  I have to go into iPhoto, select the photo, then choose File > Reveal in Finder > Original File.

Just to geek out, I wanted to see what the path was.  It is essentially Users/username/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/Year/First two digits of month/day/folder name

Ok, so why couldn’t I find it by browsing through the Finder?  Well, the Masters filder under iPhoto Library is hidden.  What????  Sheesh!

I really wish Apple would compromise on its control of its files.  This simple little want became a 3 hour project.  I want my 3 hours back, Crapple!

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Probably the Lowest Mileage I’ve Had in a Month In a While

So February is over, and it is the shortest month of the year, with smaller number of days.  But that hasn’t stopped me in the past from piling up the miles.  Well, it’s odd, this time, I only got 369 miles in the month.  Looking back on that month, I really didn’t do any big rides on the weekend.  In fact, I had one weekend where I was on call, and another weekend where I visited dad.  Plus, there was another weekend where it rained, so that’s 3 weekends where I didn’t ride at all.

Now I still commuted almost every day, but that still didn’t accumulate the mileage.  This makes it extremely difficult if you are trying to go for a double century.  I’m starting to re-think my goals, and whether or not I should be concentrating on mileage.  With this said, my goal of Solvang may not come to fruition.  I’m also way out of shape for a double.

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Spring is Approaching

Spring is getting closer and closer … and not because of all the flowers blooming, and not because allergies are kicking in (although it is inevitable) … but because the days are getting a little longer, and if I get out of the office on time (5 pm), I can actually still enjoy daylight.  It’s kinda cool to be out riding at sunset, and be out there on the transition as it goes to black darkness.

Shoreline0017-00-00-16-843 Shoreline0017-00-00-29-810 Shoreline0017-00-00-33-830 Shoreline0018-00-01-09-599

Oh, and the sunset picture ain’t bad either.

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