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So Far I’m Liking Google Fi

This year, I decided to sign up for Google Fi.  You may ask, what is Google Fi?  Well, the biggest benefit is that it attempts to latch onto cell signal from a number of different carriers (including Sprint and T-Mobile, … Continue reading

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Mysterious Problems with Nexus

I’ve been a customer with Nexus phone for almost 3 years now.  For the most part, I’ve been happy with the fact that I can get the most up to date security fixes on Android.  There have been some issues … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why I Love My Nexus Phone

Recently, there have been some exploits on Android, and most recently, there was Stagefright.  This is ones that allows you to remotely control your phone.  Scary.  I found out about this from an app I have called Lookout, which is … Continue reading

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New Phone Earlier Than Expected

I’ve generally been pretty happy with my Nexus 5, but I had to go ahead and get a new Nexus 6.  Why? Well, earlier in the year, I used a phone bike mount, so I can track where I go.  … Continue reading

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My Other Christmas Present to Myself – Nexus 5

I heard about the Nexus 5, but really never looked into it.  I never did because my contract on my Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t allow me to upgrade until Oct 2014, so why even look into it.  I’ve been eyeing … Continue reading

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Droid X I have been assimilated

Ever since apple came out with the iphone, I’ve been wanting a super phone.  But since it was only available with att, I have been holding out.  Why?  Well back when I had cingular wireless (which was later bought by … Continue reading

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