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Damn Daylight Savings Time Again

Unfortunately this is still a thing Advertisements

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So This is What Winter Is Like

We haven’t had a whole lot of rain, and even when we did, it was just wet, and not really too cold. Recently, we had some cold fronts from Alaska, bringing in cold temps. It did rain, and it brought … Continue reading

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Yes, I Still Ride my Triple

You don’t find many LBS carrying triple chainrings, with the thought that a compact double has the gearing enough for any rides. Well, for the Bay Area, that may be fine for fit racers, but for us average weekend riders, … Continue reading

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Skyline is Finally Open

Yes, Skyline (aka Hwy 35) thru Los Gatos is once again open. Last year, we had heavy rains that was enough to cause a big section of the road to disappear. They had to have a drone take aerial shots … Continue reading

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Those Annoying Video Auto-Play

Ever go to a web site, which has multiple video feeds, and you are trying to read an article, then suddenly, this video automatically plays … arghhh!!!!  It is damned annoying.  Well, I finally found a way to have it … Continue reading

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Another Year, and More Time to Reflect

Another year has gone by, and it is one frankly, I would like to just move on.  However, it does make me think about everything I do, what I enjoy, etc … As we get older, me, and my family … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2018

I must be getting old, or my priorities are more clear. Yeah, I know, a lot of people want to socialize, party, to celebrate this past year, and ring in the new, but I haven’t felt that need. Instead, I’d … Continue reading

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