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Survived the Excessive Heat Advisory

There was a massive heat wave that hit the southwest, which included all of Southern California.  And guess who decided to visit Southern California during this heat wave … yeah, yours truly.  I figured that since we have the 4th … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July, aka Independence Day … independence of America from the British Empire.  Anyhow, that means a day off, and I figured a climb up to Mt. Umunhum. The sun was out, but it was by no … Continue reading

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It was the Disc Rotor After All

I’ve had a problem with my front disc squealing like crazy. I only noticed it after I replaced my front and rear disc rotor recently. It was squealing on the front discs only … the rear was fine. When I … Continue reading

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Summer is Here and I’m Not Heat Trained

So far, it hasn’t been even a hint of June.  It’s been overcast a lot lately … to the point where I had to wear arm warmers and knee warmers for my morning commute.  I even had to wear arm … Continue reading

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Mendocino Monster Century

The Death Ride advertises Mendocino Monster as a good tune up for the Death Ride, saying if you can do this, you are ready for the Death Ride.  I’m still not sure if I will do the Death Ride, but … Continue reading

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Enable 2FA Now!!!!

With the growing number of web sites that are compromised, it’s still shocking to me that web sites don’t have 2 factor authentication, or derivatives of that. Just having a username/password is not good enough. A second authentication, something that … Continue reading

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My Vacation at the ATOC 2018

Amgen Tour of California is the week, and as I have always done, I take a week off of work, aka PTO, or Personal Time Off.  Yeah, I know, it’s sad that I’m not off to France, or Hawaii, or … Continue reading

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