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First Time up Cloud Burst Summit

Ever since I left Southern California, about 19 years ago, I would keep visiting LA and actually doing more climbing than when I used to live in LA. Yes, I’ve done all the epic climbs Mt. Baldy GMR/GRR Mt. Wilson … Continue reading

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When You Close the Door, Make Sure Your Thumb Isn’t in the Way

Holy shit, that hurts. Was closing the door in my car, and my thumb got in the way. Ouch … I’ve got a piece of advise … make sure your thumb is not in the way when you close the … Continue reading

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Time to Revisit Crystal Lake

It’s time to visit Southern California again, but this weekend, most of my buddies are out doing Solvang Autumn Double. I’m not in double shape at all, so that is out of the question for me. My friend Rick was … Continue reading

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Living Through Smoke

What a difference one week makes. Last weekend was a picture perfect post card weekend (although I didn’t take advantage of it, due to some bike mechanical issues). As you probably know, California (specifically Wine Country area), has been under … Continue reading

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Changing a Flat Can Be Such a B***ch

I love my Williams wheels, but changing a flat on this can be such a b**ch.  Normally, when changing a flat, you should be able to get any tire iron in, to pry off the tire, so you can get … Continue reading

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Mt. Umunhum to the Top

Finally, Mt. Umunhum is open to the public … no longer do I have to do this partial hill climb … no more “No Trespassing” signs … and we can climb all the way to the top. The road was … Continue reading

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Heatwave to Remind Us It’s Still Summer

All of California is under a massive heatwave. Of course, this is Labor Day weekend, so that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Triple digit temperatures wherever we go! When I left the Bay Area, it started out fine. At … Continue reading

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