That Time of Year Again – Change Your Password

I’m a little grateful that at work, they send me nag emails every 6 months, or whatever it is, to change my password.  Yes, it can be a pain in the butt, as I have to come up with both a Windows 16 character password, and a unix 8 character password (along with the special characters, non-repeating patterns, etc).  Thanks to Lastpass, it helps me keep track of all my passwords.

It’s funny, the day that IT sent those emails, there was a flurry of helpdesk calls (I had to go to IT for a different reason).  Every time employees are forced to change their password, expect IT Helpdesk to be really busy.

With the password change reminder, this got me thinking about all my other passwords.  It’s good they remind me, which prompts me to go ahead and change my personal passwords too!  How often do you change your passwords?  Personally, I don’t do it enough.  Although I do have two-factor authentication, I still think changing your password is necessary.  Don’t give hackers even the opportunity to compromise you.

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