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I Can Use Android Pay as an ATM Card

I’ve been using Android Pay for a couple of years, and it’s great.  I regularly use it when I go to the market, and I just pay with my phone.  I also use it at a few favorites, like Chili’s, Subway … I just wish everyone would use Android Pay.  I was thinking … if only I could use my phone as an ATM card, without having to pull my ATM card out.  There was a time, where I forgot to bring my wallet, and I commuted into work.  Since I didn’t have my wallet, I didn’t have money to pay for lunch.

Now, I find that my bank does support Apple and Android Pay.  Sweet!  All I did was go onto my bank app, chose Android Pay, choose my account, and voila.  Now I can swipe my ATM machine.  Very cool!

Since I always carry my phone around, if I happen to forget my wallet, I have a backup.  Sweet!

Android Pay a Little Too Easy

Android Pay, formerly known as Google Wallet, had been around for awhile.  I first used it about 6 months ago, only because I was out on a ride and I forgot my wallet.  I had previously set up my debit card with Android Pay.  I guess this forced my hand to use it.  

Well, I ran into the same scenario again.  Oh crap forgot my wallet … Hmm, here’s Android Pay on my phone.  But debit, then give my phone over the ATM kiosk, and voila …. Lunch is paid for.

It turns out Lucky Supermarket takes Android Pay, so I guess that’s how I’ll do my shopping.  I wonder if this is any safe than using my debit card directly on the card machine.  Since it doesn’t read the card directly, I wonder if it would be affected if the ATM machine was hacked.