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iTunes LP: Another Reason Why Apple Sucks

Fresh off the announcement that iTunes is going away, I thought I’d review all the songs/titles I have on iTunes.  One that I haven’t played in a long time is the Beatles Box Set.  This included some exclusive videos, as … Continue reading

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Turning off Auto-Play of Videos on Twitter and Facebook from your Smartphone

It’s the most annoying thing … you scroll through your feed or timeline, and one of the feeds has a video.  It plays as soon as you scroll to it.  While it is a neat feature, not everyone wants it … Continue reading

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Social Media – Use at Your Own Risk

The concept of social media was so innocent when it was introduced to us.  They promoted, hey, let’s produce a platform where you can catch up with all your friends.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  That meant putting lots … Continue reading

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Damn Daylight Savings Time Again

Unfortunately this is still a thing

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Grass is always greener on the other side

The title of this blog could apply to anything … but in this case, it applies to Cable TV/Internet.  In the Bay Area, the Cable provider is Comcast.  Yes, we all like to punch Comcast in the gut, complain about … Continue reading

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Time Change Again … Ugh

Once again, it is time to do the time change again.  I was all used to the morning commute in darkness, and possibly the home commute in the dark as well.  Darkness is not a problem for me, as I’ve … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves of Multi Use Trails

I can only shake my head in disgust sometimes while riding MUT so here is my short list of my biggest pet peeves on MUT(in no particular order) Talking on phone while riding Walkers who hug the center line Riders … Continue reading

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Please Wear Reflective Clothing on Multi Use Trails

OK, I admit, I am ranting … By the time I get home, it gets dark on the MUT … At least I think it does.  So why don’t more people wear reflective clothing or carry a little light with … Continue reading

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Giving the Body a Rest The Hard Way … with a Cold

So I had been riding everyday for a period of time, and it wasn’t like I was training for anything.  I’ve been commuting everywhere, with less and less reliance on the car.  Lately I’ve been having some issues with my … Continue reading

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Commuting Pet Peeves

On my commute on Friday, I had walkers taking up the entire multi-use trail (MUT).  Guys, this trail is for walkers, runners, bicyclists …. use one side or the other, but don’t hog up the whole trail.  And even when … Continue reading

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