Groundhog Day Meets the Matrix

To all my typical blog followers, you normally expect something cycling related, but since I’m off the bike for a while, I have to do something to occupy my time.  It’s a perfect time to catch up on movies. 

I decided to go and see Edge of Tomorrow.  Now I normally don’t like Tom Cruise, but I wanted to see this because he dies multiple times … Kind sadistic isn’t it, but this is part of the plot of the movie.

This was an adaptation of a Japanese military sci-fi flick turned into a feature  film.  The story is set a few years into the future, and mankind has banded together so that it can fight this alien life form that is taking over the world.  The alien looks a little like the attacking drones in the third Matrix film.

Cruise is playing his typical character, smug, snobby, who became an officer, and not a military man.  Then, he gets put into the trenches in the battle.  He dies in the first 10 min, only to be resurrected to the beginning of the day.  Oh darn … Is this a hidden Church of Scientology message?  So this is the Groundhog reference … So he gets killed multiple times, and re-do’s the same day till he gets it right.

The other interesting aspect of this is the technology … No not the CGI, but the military armory and artillery that each soldier has.  They also have the concept of having these weapons that us dependent on battery life.  So as you can see, this has the perfect combination of action, violence, and hi tech geekiness.  Oh yeah, he does get to kiss Emily Blunt, but that’s about the only romantic part of this.

I won’t spoil this for those wanting to see it.  I do highly recommend this for any of my geek friends, who like the combination of action and high tech. 

I saw this with no iMax, no 3D, and I felt I was still able to enjoy this.  Thus flick holds well without all that other technology.  Oh, I was going to see the 11:30 am showing, and I arrived at the ticketing window at 11, and they were still offering tickets for the 10:45 showing.  Came in and caught the beginning if the movie.  Maybe I’ll use this strategy on movies in the future?

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