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Where Can You Get a $6.75 Ticket to See a Movie?

I didn’t bring my bike with me this weekend, so I had to spend some time away, so I thought I’d duck in to see a movie. Crazy Rich Asians was showing in West Covina, and the web site advertised … Continue reading

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It’s Raining, Got the Day Off … Time for a Matinee

Got the day off (floating holiday, Christmas Eve eve), and normally I would take advantage of this day, and go for a long bike ride. ¬†However, it was raining … and hard overnight. ¬†That means the grounds are really wet, … Continue reading

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Am I The Only One Who Hasn’t Seen the New Star Wars Movie?

So much hype for the Force Awakens.  Seems like every one of my friends have already seen it (at least according to Facebook and Google Plus).  For those that has already seen it, thank you for not giving out spoilers … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Meets the Matrix

To all my typical blog followers, you normally expect something cycling related, but since I’m off the bike for a while, I have to do something to occupy my time.  It’s a perfect time to catch up on movies.  I … Continue reading

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