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Jumping from Garmin to Wahoo

Along with preparation for doubles is checking on my GPS recording device … in other words, if I do a double, I want proof.  This really didn’t become an issue until I did a training ride, a 100 mile ride … Continue reading

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So Long Fitbit

I’ve had a couple of fitbits, so I know how the ecosystem for that product works.  I was about ready to go out for a ride, and I was wearing my Fitbit Surge.  Then all of a sudden, I felt … Continue reading

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Portable Chargers Are a Must on My Bike Rides

Portable chargers are great!  With the way we use Garmins, smarphones, cameras, and expect them to last throughout the whole ride, what we don’t realize is that it can run out of juice. How many times, do you go through … Continue reading

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Fitbit Surge

I earned enough recognition points at work to buy me a Xmas gift for myself.  I browsed through the web site, but there store didn’t have much that I liked so I just got an upgrade of my Fitbit … … Continue reading

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Curses Black Friday

I live Timbuktu products, and when Black Friday hit, I kept getting those promo emails, and I caved in.  I mean, they had a laptop backpack for $39.  I got the Rogue … Oh hey, Rogue One is coming out. … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Meets the Matrix

To all my typical blog followers, you normally expect something cycling related, but since I’m off the bike for a while, I have to do something to occupy my time.  It’s a perfect time to catch up on movies.  I … Continue reading

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My Other Christmas Present to Myself – Nexus 5

I heard about the Nexus 5, but really never looked into it.  I never did because my contract on my Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t allow me to upgrade until Oct 2014, so why even look into it.  I’ve been eyeing … Continue reading

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Rocking Out While Riding Safely

Going out on a ride, if you are riding solo, sometimes you like to rock out, listening to your favorite tunes, but that generally means headphones, and by law, you need to have at least one ear exposed. Now, whether … Continue reading

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Can’t Really Justify an IPad at this point

When the iPad came out, you couldn’t help but notice the big ad campaign. Apple’s tablet entry was sure a big splash. However, I had just purchased my Asus EeePC net book. The net book is a little thicker and … Continue reading

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Droid X I have been assimilated

Ever since apple came out with the iphone, I’ve been wanting a super phone.  But since it was only available with att, I have been holding out.  Why?  Well back when I had cingular wireless (which was later bought by … Continue reading

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