Hit and Run is Okay in Colorado if Car vs. Bike

Okay, I will admit, I am flying off the handle on this, but this just makes my blood boil.  Judge has accepted plea bargain deal from the multi-millionaire money manager, who runs over cyclist … the judge dropped the felony case.  They dropped the felony charge, and only have to face misdemeanor charges.  Well, I guess it really does pay to be rich and wealthy.  This encourages upper class to run over any cyclist on the road they see, and will not suffer any consequences.

I was originally going to spend a week off on PTO to enjoy the Quiznos Challenge in August.  Now, I won’t … they run over cyclists in Colorado.  Who knows … maybe Martin Erzinger will run over the entire pelaton, and claim he didn’t know he hit anyone, and claim sleep apnia.  Expect copy cats and try to get away with the same thing.

You may want to watch the race in person, but I won’t.  I prefer to live beyond the year 2011.  This is clearly a upper class vs. the rest of society issue … I guess we are not good enough to be in the same vicinity as multi-millionaires and their mansions.



I guess Tony Kornheiser is laughing at all of this.  Perhaps Martin Erzinger followed his advise, and run over any cyclist in his way?


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