Cold and Foggy Weekend of Riding

I felt heavy, like I’ve got a lead weight in my belly … I think it’s because I was sick last weekend, and I haven’t been out riding in over a week.  I needed to get out, no matter how cold or dreary it would be outside.

Michael, Richard, Ron, Cliff, Brentley, George at Pig Farm Hill

Saturday, went out to Orinda, and did a ride with Richard.  We had a pretty good turnout.  However, it was a really foggy day.  Ground was all wet, and descending with fog became a bit of a challenge.  Couldn’t decide if I should leave my glasses on or take them off … I decided to take them off on the descents.

A lot of the hills were rollies, and they just did me in.  Sure, I would start off fine, but I could only sustain that pace for so long … eventually I get passed left and right.

Overall, a good right, mixing in rolling hills, and stretches of flat smooth road, which meant pacelining, and taking pulls.

Sunday, Ramon and I rode out to meet Michael in Woodside at Robert’s Market.  Basically, a good 17 miles of flat out to Woodside, then climb King’s Mountain.  It was foggy today too.  This time, I came prepared, bringing lights, and blinkers just about everywhere.

I felt good going out, and I just figured Ramon was just letting me lead out.  I guess I was going out with a bit more brisk pace than usual.  Maybe it was that scrambled egg bagel breakfast that I made for breakfast?

Foggy ascent

Apparently, I went out a bit too fast … as once we started climbing Kings, I was distanced almost from the get go.  No worries, I’m used to it.  I can clearly tell I’m out of shape, as I’m climbing a lot slower than the last time I climbed Kings.  But you know what it means when I’m climbing slow … more pics!

About 2/3 the way up, the sun started to peep through.  I tried to take pictures to capture that, but it fails in comparison to the real scene.  You’ll just have to imagine it.

Sun breaking through the trees and the mist

Sun awaits us up ahead

If only I had the eye of a photographer.  Somehow, the creative mind just completely alluded me.

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