Squeezing in a Ride on Christmas Eve

Wow, we were lucky enough to get in one good, clear day and it happened to be on Christmas Eve.  The peaks on the San Gabriel Mountains were so incredibly clear.  Pictures don’t do it justice.

I couldn’t get together for a group ride, so I decided to go out solo.  I figured I should make it a short day, and get back by noon.  I took a short, direct route, to get to the climb on Santa Anita Blvd, on up to Chantry Flats.  It was just an absolutely gorgeous day.  There were no clouds in the sky at all, and it was as blue as the sky can get.  Felt like singing Mr. Bluesky.

I saw a bunch of cyclists coming down, but all of them were

mountain bikers.  What’s up with that?  At least I didn’t get passed by anyone … until the last 0.25 miles from the parking lot of Chantry Flats.  I decided to go up to the chopper pad, and the same cyclist who passed me up, decided to go up along with me.  Funny, it turned out the both of us were from the Bay Area, visiting.

I was out there in my long sleeve Cervelo jersey, and it kept me quite warm.  It was perfect wearing it climbing up the mountain, and it did get a little cool up at top.  I definitely needed that warmth while descending, but once I got to the bottom …. whoa, it was way too warm.  I probably should have left the knee warmers back home.

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