Badass Commute with a Flat … was Just Not My Day

A really wicked cold front swept the entire west coast of the US, from California all the way up through Canada. Temperatures ranged anywhere from the teens to the low 30s. Yeah, I know, that’s not cold for some folks, but for California, we’re used to 45-50 degree temps.

Earlier this week, I go on my normal commute when I’m running late. When I left the house, it was 30 F, so I bundled up with booties, 2 layers of gloves, fleece long sleeve jersey, jacket, and long leggings, so I should be okay for the elements. I actually felt comfortable, even thinking my jacket is keeping me too warm. Then, I suddenly felt my rear tire a little squishy. Top by the gas station, and yes, I have a flat.

My 700×25 rims make the tire hard to pry off, so that took me a while to get off … And this is in 30 degree weather. I had to take my gloves off to feel for any scraps in the tire … Ooh, cold. Couldn’t find anything, so on goes the spare. Since it is cold, putting the tire back on is even harder than it usually is putting on a 700×25 tire. I don’t know how my hands were able to handle this, but at this point, you do what’s needed to get back on the road.

Got the tire on finally, and pump up with my small Lynze pump, but not getting any air into it. Try my original tube, and I am able to get air into it. After several tries, I came to the conclusion I may have a bad spare tube. I take the tire apart again, and yup, the spare has a leak. Damn! The original tube is able to hold more air than my spare. So back goes the old tube back on.

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