Only 2 ways in 2 Days, but it’s Still Hamilton and Diablo on Back to Back Days

Lorri Lee Lown has created an annual climb feast event, what she calls 4 ways in 4 days. She opened up her contact book, and invited everyone in her racing and cycling circles. It’s amazing how far her reach is … I was looking at the list of invitees and I knew a lot of them, and thought “how does she know these folk”?

We’ll this turned into 3 days in 3 days instead, because she had a conflict for Sunday … Ok so it’s 3 ways in 3 days.

First day was turkey day, Thanksgiving Day. It’s a tradition every year that cyclists flock to Mt. Hamilton, to work off the stomach, so that they can have enough room for the turkey. LKHC has their ride scheduled at 9:45 am, but we started at 8 am, so that by the time we descend, LKHC climbers are just coming up the hill. Plus, our group is a little smaller, and more manageable.


Lorri couldn’t make it, so Jason Pierce, fixie extraordinaire, let the rides for all 3 days. We were hanging out in front of Starbucks, then all of a sudden, I noticed the group took off up the mountain. Oops.

Caught up with Tiina and Annie from Velogirls, and we proceeded to take a leisure climb up Hamilton. With 3 climbs in 3 days, we weren’t really in the mood to hammer it up. Plus, Tiina needed to do a ride in Zone 1. Hmm, climb Mt. Hamilton in Zone 1? Well, laugh as you must, she actually accomplished that. By the time we reached the top, LKHC was still setting up the finish. Some of the early finishers already headed down the mountain, being on a time crunch. One down, two to go.

For Mt. Diablo, Karen wanted to carpool with me, since she’s not too familiar with the area, so I met her at the Starbucks around my house. We carpooled up, but we weren’t really sure exactly where the start was supposed to be. One posting stated Starbucks, another said Peets … But then, there are two Starbucks in Danville … Ugh. So we showed up with one group at Starbucks, then headed over to Peets. We followed one group, and we took some short cut that bypassed the road to Athena School, which is the route I normally take. We eventually found our way to the main route, and on Mt. Diablo Road. Karen forgot her camera at home, so she relied on me to take pictures.






It was strange, but I caught up with one of the lead groups up the top of Diablo. I basically climbed the wall in a pack. That was strange, and I wasn’t used to that. I ended up boxing out one rider (as I was near the middle, and swerved a little too much to the left). I’m not used to having to climb a hill in a straight line. To whoever I boxed out, I truly apologize.

The third day is Mt. Tam, which starts at Mikes Bikes in Sausalito.  However, I could not work out the logistics of getting there by 9 am, so I had to bail on the 3rd day.  Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

2 thoughts on “Only 2 ways in 2 Days, but it’s Still Hamilton and Diablo on Back to Back Days

  1. klingonpuppy

    Would like to do that again sometime. Ramon and I did that in 2008 and it was a challenge and a lot of fun. We did San Bruno, Tam (with rain) Diablo and Hamilton. I want to that those consecutively on a one speed. Been really busy lately and have to stay local. Maybe in the Spring might be able to start riding long again. Let’s ride soon.


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