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7 Days in to #30daysofbiking

It is April, and that’s the 30 days of biking month.  Every year, all cyclists, who sign up, pledge to ride every day in the month of April ( So far, doing pretty good … although I did miss one … Continue reading

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Traffic Nearby

Another neat feature that Google has on Android is the “traffic nearby” notification.  It seems to be enabled when your phone’s GPS is turned on.  So I checked it at 4:11 pm, and looking at this mess I’m glad I biked … Continue reading

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Curses Black Friday

I live Timbuktu products, and when Black Friday hit, I kept getting those promo emails, and I caved in.  I mean, they had a laptop backpack for $39.  I got the Rogue … Oh hey, Rogue One is coming out. … Continue reading

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Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area

May is national bike month, and today, May 12th, is Bike to Work Day (in the Bay Area at least).  It’s always exciting to participate in Bike to Work Day.  The volunteers at the Energizer Stations are so energetic, and … Continue reading

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Why Not Ride Home from Work?

Traffic in Silicon Valley is ridiculously bad … I mean this video, is at 5:30 pm, and everyone is rushing to get out, just so they can wait in this line.  To me, I gladly will ride, just so I … Continue reading

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Made it Through The Floods

It was pretty dry in February, but March reminded us again that this is an El Niño year.  There were flash flood warning everywhere, for a good 48 hours (or something like that).  Most of the rain was up in … Continue reading

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Splish Splash on the Bike

I was going to take an early morning ride into work, but then I heard a shower outside my door.  Oooh, rain … I guess I should take my commuter bike with fenders.  The rain wasn’t too hard, so off … Continue reading

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Bike Commuting Night Gear

Some of you may be worried about being able to be seen at night on my commutes home.  Well, I’ll document it here. So on the front, I’ve got a nice 500 lumen Exposure Sirius light.  It’s very compact, lightweight, … Continue reading

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Days Starting to Get Longer

Is it me, or are the days getting longer? I know, it just turned New Years, but when I get out a little after 5 pm, it does seem a little lighter than before. That’s something to get this bike … Continue reading

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Freezing Temperatures in California?

Yes, it can get quite cold in California every once in a while.  Aided by a cold front from Alaska, we have been in a bit of a cold snap.  To all you easterners, go ahead, have your laughter.  Now … Continue reading

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