Mysterious Problems with Nexus

I’ve been a customer with Nexus phone for almost 3 years now.  For the most part, I’ve been happy with the fact that I can get the most up to date security fixes on Android. 

There have been some issues with (some my fault, others possibly due to OS and hardware incompatibility).

First, and most stupid … I used my phone to track rides on my bike (including when it rains).  Well I wasn’t thinking that rain could cause damage to my phone.  It shorted out my USB port … The phone still worked, but I just had problems charging it.  I worked around this by getting wireless charger, but eventually, the magnet wore off, and I ended up placing a weight on top of my phone, just so my phone magnet would connect up with the magnet on my wireless charger. 

Then there was the camera issue.  Every now and then, the phone wouldn’t be able to open the camera, forcing a phone reboot.  Based on a combination of these two problems, I ended up upgrading to a Nexus 6.

After upgrading hardware, I never ran into the camera problem.  Fast charging is great.  Security updates arrive on schedule, so it’s nice knowing I am secure.  However, a new problem arose … Every now and then, I would see a message “no sim card found”.  Damn!!!!  Uh, I kind of need this … This is a phone!  SIM card gives you a cell signal!

So after several reboots, it is able to finally detect it.  The is thing is this would happen after being charged overnight, sitting on my desk table.  I would see the problem re-occur, and every time, it requires a reboot, or two, or three, or ten.

Reading the Google forums, it seems others have observed this occurred after upgrading to Marshmallow.  Well, downgrading is not an option … I am not about to downgrade to a security vulnerable OS.  I’ll just have to see how long this Nexus 6 will last.  I know everyone wants iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 … But I am holding out.  If I do end up needing to buy a new one, Samsung Galaxy 7 may be the next way to go … I’ve heard that Samsung is getting fairly timely OS uodates … But I’ll hang on to my Nexus 6 as long as I can.  Camera is still pretty nice, battery life is still good.  I guess it’s all a matter if perspective, isn’t it?

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