San Tomas Aquino MUT Closed During Bike to Work Week?

Update:  Enough people emailed the water district and prompted them to postpone the maintenance work … so Bike to Work will go on, and still be able to use the San Tomas Aquino MUT.

Simply incredible .. Bike to Work week is next week, and they decide to close San Tomas Aquino MUT (which is the bike trail I usually commute on, to get to work).  Huh?

Here’s what the City of Santa Clara web site says:

“The Santa Clara Valley Water District will be conducting maintenance work along the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail between May 12 and May 15. Sections will be temporarily closed between Highway 237 and Walsh Ave. ”

Of all the times to close the bike trail, they chose bike to work week?  WTF???

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