Picked up the Crash Replacement

So I finally decided to go forward with the bike crash replacement.  I was thinking of letting it go, but thinking of how smooth the ride is, I had to get a replacement.

I would be getting the Liscio 2, which for the most part is the same as Liscio 1, with the exception of the frame bottom bracket was changed to make it more standard with other components.  I decided to also upgrade the disc brakes to TRP Hy-Rd hydraulic disc brakes.


White fork vs. black, blck highlight on the down tube … ooh, I like this color scheme a lot. Cable routing is also inside the frame … much cleaner.

Take a quick look at the old Liscio


I took it out for a quick test ride, and the first thing I noticed was the braking … ooh, hydraulic is nice.  Much more responsive.

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