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2021 Retrospective and Getting Back into Double Centuries

Well here it is … another year in the books, and yet another year under the environment with Covid-19. From a cycling perspective, at least some of the restrictions have been relaxed enough to allow us to do some of … Continue reading

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Bonny Doon Plans Thwarted by Flats

My co-worker Al, and I, had this lofty plans of doing a killer loop, with about 105 miles, and over 10,000 feet of climbing.  This was definitely going to be an epic ride, something Al has wanted, in preparation for … Continue reading

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Saddle Slip, How Does That Happen?

I was riding along, just getting in some miles before my first climb.  It’s a flat stretch along Foothill Expressway, then all of a sudden, I felt something sink.  It wasn’t a flat, and it felt like my saddle position … Continue reading

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Picked up the Crash Replacement

So I finally decided to go forward with the bike crash replacement.  I was thinking of letting it go, but thinking of how smooth the ride is, I had to get a replacement. I would be getting the Liscio 2, … Continue reading

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Probably the Lowest Mileage I’ve Had in a Month In a While

So February is over, and it is the shortest month of the year, with smaller number of days.  But that hasn’t stopped me in the past from piling up the miles.  Well, it’s odd, this time, I only got 369 … Continue reading

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Time to Work Off That Belly

I recently took a look in the mirror, in the bathroom, and look at my mid-section … Oh, the horror!  Damn, I have really been lolly-gagging.  Crap, it’s time to do something about this. Well, Camino Real is this weekend, … Continue reading

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Is It Due to New Year, or Cold Weather

With the 1st weekend of the year winding down, I am struggling to get my mojo together.  With all the rains last month, it limited weekend riding time, which also meant not being in climbing shape.  Couple that with cold … Continue reading

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Farewell 2014

Wow, what happened to the past year?  It’s already time to say goodbye to 2014?  It seemed like just yesterday, where I was getting ready for DMD.  I used Solvang Spring Double as a training ride … what?  Then, I … Continue reading

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Got One Ride In During Christmas Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone spent some quality time with family. This years routine was a little different, with Christmas being on a Thursday, which meant we had to work on Friday. I forgot to accommodate for this, and didn’t … Continue reading

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Storm of the Decade Tomorrow … So Will I Be Riding?

They really have been hyping up this storm for a whole week.  Biggest storm in nearly 10 years in Northern California. I just got my bike back from the shop, as I took it in to get all the gunk … Continue reading

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