Ugh Daylight Savings Time Again

Not again … It’s time change again.  I was just getting used to it being light enough at 6:30 am where I didn’t need my lights for my ride, but as I look out my window, it is dark.  

How is this still a thing?  I’ll let John Oliver tell it best

Kaiser Wilhelm … Curse you!

I guess the good thing is evening rides are safer.

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Evacuation in San Jose due to Flood?

I have seen pictures of flood from Katrina and various other floods in the South, but I never thought we would see that here, in California, especially with us having the severe drought.  Well, with all the rains lately, it’s here in California too … and pretty close to home to … in San Jose.

When my dad called me asking if I was OK, then I just realized how bad it really is.  For this news to hit beyond the Bay Area, it’s big.  I’m about 30 minutes drive by freeway (without traffic) from the area, so I’m OK.  It’s amazing the amount of rain we’ve been getting, and even more amazing that San Jose is being flooded, and residents near Coyote Creek having to evacuate.

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Wind Advisory and I Ride Right Into It

So I finally find a day that it’s not raining, and is a gorgeous day.  I did recall the news, and my accuweather app stating there is a wind advisory, especially in the San Gabriel Mountains.  However, that was not in the forefront of my mind … what was on my mind was getting on the bike, and doing some climbing miles. 

It was pretty busy on the climb up Hwy 2 (Angeles Crest Highway), but I’m used to riding with high speed traffic.  There was a hot rod club speeding up the highway, but they did give me a wide birth, so it wasn’t that bad.

The wind was blowing me across the road at times and I had to stop a number of times, just to make sure I wouldn’t go out of control.  That’s an excellent opportunity to take a few scenic shots.

I get to Clear Creek Information Center, and this is the point at which I decide to go up to Mt. Wilson, or to turn back.  With all the wind throwing me around, I figure it would be safer to turn back … So yes, I wimped out.

Turning back, I did have a nice descent going down.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the wind swirling around me.

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Portable Chargers Are a Must on My Bike Rides


Portable chargers are great!  With the way we use Garmins, smarphones, cameras, and expect them to last throughout the whole ride, what we don’t realize is that it can run out of juice.

How many times, do you go through a ride (lasting > 4 hours), where you want to take a picture on your smartphone, and you are out of batteries … or when your Go Pro runs out of batteries, and you miss the opportunity to capture a deer running across the road, which would have made a great viral Youtube video?

Now I don’t have to worry about that.  Just carry myCharge portable charger, and I can get it charged pretty quickly.  I used to conserve on my Go Pro, by picking the lowest resolution, just so that I can get it to last through the day.  Now, I can bump it up to 1080p at 60 fps (as long as it doesn’t exceed 16 GB).

BTW, this is the RZ60G-c, and it has a 6000mAh capacity, which is recommended for high end smartphones, like iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, etc …

The only challenge, is when you stuff this in the back jersey pocket, pulling out the phone, with the cable dangling in the pocket, can be a mess … but if you can work around that, this is golden.

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So Far I’m Liking Google Fi

This year, I decided to sign up for Google Fi.  You may ask, what is Google Fi?  Well, the biggest benefit is that it attempts to latch onto cell signal from a number of different carriers (including Sprint and T-Mobile, to name a few).  It also charges you for only the data that you use.  So what you do is you specify how much data you think you are going to use, and whatever you don’t use, they will credit you back the following month.

Pretty cool, eh?  There is one catch … you have to have a Google phone, which includes Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p, Nexus 6, and the Pixel phones.  I just happen to have a Nexus 6, so great.  They send me a SIMM card, and fill out a particular form on their web site, and voila … they transfer service from my existing T-Mobile to the Google Fi.

They charge $10/GB data used.  I found out the maximum I ever use is ~ 2 GB/month.  Just to be on the safe side, I specified 3 GB.  For the first month, I ended up using 2.08 GB, and then I saw a credit of $9.43 for unused data.  That’s really cool.

When I drive down to LA every month, I typically take I-5, and usually, I get a dead spot from Hwy 152 down to Kettleman City.  I just tried it with Fi, and I got a dead spot for about 10 minutes, but after that, I was able to get signal all the way through.  That was what I was after … seeing how my coverage is going through rural areas.  This is a win win for me.

Now, I gotta decide how long to keep my Nexus 6, because I really like what I see from the Pixel, and hear lots of good things from Pixel owners.  Gotta resist …

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Super Sunday … Meh

I should have been really excited about this year’s Super Bowl.  I mean it has two of the highest scoring teams, Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.  But I think the way the hype has been, instead of charging up the excitement, it left me going the other way.  Call it a boycott on the circus leading up to the Super Bowl, but to me, the playoffs leading up to it were the most exciting.

There is life, outside of the Super Bowl.  Even though I was on call, I did manage to get a short little lunch ride in, and even after getting home, I just binge watched … or should I say re-watch Dirk Gently.  I love that show .. such a cult following.

I didn’t get any calls, but wish I did .. otherwise, I wouldn’t have to search for something to do.

It seems lately much of the attention on Super Sunday is how the national anthem is performed, and how the halftime show went.  Well, I was underwhelmed by the singing of the national anthem, and I just avoided the halftime show (although I hear it went really well).  I’m not a Lady Gaga fan.  Plus, when it got to 21-3, I decided to watch more  Dirk Gently.

I just don’t like short 13 minute concerts, in the middle of a football game.  Call me a traditionalist, but I’d rather watch marching bands, like the old times.  Maybe if Lindsey Stirling was playing, I’d watch.

Turned it back on to the game at 7:30 pm, and WTH … 28-20, and the Patriots are driving?  Wow, the Falcons really stepped off the gas, and went into reverse.

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When It’s Cold, It’s Colder at Higher Altitude

Yes, it is winter, but this is California.  So when it stopped raining, I was all excited, because for one, it’s dry … two, I’m not working the weekend (I’m not on call … yay!!!)… three, it’s a 3-day weekend.  That means more free time, more play time, another day to ride!

However, the temps have been down, and the air temperature was around 45-50 F.  Not a big deal, I’ve gone through 25-35 F commutes … but that’s a commute.  

So if you’ve read my blogs, you know I like to climb.  Only thing is, when you climb, you get hot, and therefore, you’ll want to take off the jacket.  It’s pretty when you get to the top.

However, when you’re at the top, it can get pretty cold.  It gets worse when you descend … I forgot all about this.  

Usually, I bring a balaclava, for face protection against the cold wind, but I forgot to bring it.  Oooh … the descent was ccc-cold.  When I got down, I had to find the first coffee shop I could find, and thaw out.

So I guess next time, if it is cold, I think I’ll just revert to rolling hills, and not long sustained hill climbs.  At least I didn’t decide to go up to Mt. Hamilton.

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