Climbing is Back, Endurance, That’s a Different Story

I’m happy to report that my climbing is back, and yes, to some extent, sprinting is there (able to pass some folks).  But endurance is still not there.  Guess it’s just going to take a bunch of long distance weekend to get it back up.

I decided to do a surely flat distance ride, which was originally going to the Cliff House.  I wanted to limit it to a sub 100 ride, so I cut it off a little bit after Pacifica, which turned into an 82 miler. I think the fog may have sapped my enthusiasm too. It’s a good thing I did, because my legs didn’t have much jump after mile 70.


So with myself exhausted and legs tired, what did I do for Sunday?  Did I take it easy?  Come on, remember who you are talking about.  I wound up doing a kick ass hill climb, Mt. Umunhum.


This was a fairly routine ride with me before the accident, and this is the first time I felt confident enough with my hill climbing to even attempt this.


I won’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t impossibly hard.  My climbing legs are there.  This is very encouraging.  So why couldn’t I do an easier 80 miler?  Well, on my way back home, I was starting to feel the fatigue.  I guess it’s just going to take time, consecutive 150 mile weekends to get that fitness back.  But the effort today on Hicks then Mt. Umunhum did feel good.

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It’s August Already?

Another month goes by and I just realized we’re past the half way point for the year.  Of course, being off the bike for 6 weeks makes you lose track of what resembled a training schedule.

I’m happy to report that I am back to my normal riding one again, and now all I have to do is regain my endurance and fitness level.  I don’t have any events planned upcoming, so that will give me the opportunity to get back into shape again.

I recently weighed myself … Oh god, why did I do that?  Back up to 170 again.  Damn, and I was doing so good maintaining 160 for a while

For the month of July, I got in 762 miles for the month, which is about as long as I normally would do in a month.  Being able to commute daily by bike has also helped me.  Another 31 day month … Maybe by September I’ll be close to my pre-Memorial Day shape (but may not be my DMD shape).

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So Much For SCMC

After all that prep for SCMC, when I got to the parking lot, I went to get my stuff (helmet, shoes, gloves, etc) the bag is not there.  Noooo!!!!!

It turns out I didn’t put the bag in the car.  Damn, looks like I’m not doing the ride.

Went back home and there it is .. The bag lying right next to the parking space where my car was parked.

I decided to ride from home, to v try to meet up with Karen and Ramon at the rest stop at Hwy 9 and Skyline, but I was either too early or too late.  I decided to just complete the Page Mill route.

On the way home, my knees felt a little fatigue pain, so it’s probably a good idea that I didn’t do the ride.

I guess it’s rest day time, and time for some icing.

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Preparing For Another Organized Ride But Not Routine

Well it’s a day before Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, and I’m still questioning my sanity.  This is a really hard century/double metric, with majorly difficult climbs, and I’ve only really been climbing again for the past 3 weeks.  But this is a special ride.  Karen and as bunch of other riders from Southern California are coming up to do this, so I cannot disappoint by not riding   As Karen says, it’s an annual event, must do.

I think I’m OK to do the climbs, but don’t think my endurance is quite there.  I’ll probably start with the first spur, then follow the rest of the metric century route.  I’d still have to do Jameson Creek, which is tough even when I’m 100%, and it’s just before lunch.  Man, what torture.  I think I’ll channel my Andrew Talansky in me, off in the back.

I was going to try hitting some hills a week before the ride, but when I got to Boulder Creek, I got a flat, and thought it best to come back along Hwy 9, so that in case I got another flat, I would be in range of help.  So no Jameson Creek prep ride .. I’ll just have to wing it.


The last prep I had was Montebello on Sunday, and Mira (which is only a short 0.5 mile climb but pitches to 20%).  I figure a couple if days rest off the bike is in order (not even commuting in).


Longest I’ve done since my accident was 65 miles, and I figure this will be close to a full century.  I’m actually pretty nervous about this …. About as nervous as I was for DMD, but for very different reasons.  But I’m also excited to ride with Karen, Ramon, and the rest of the gang making the trip from LA.

Wish me luck.

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Recovering From Crash with Tandem with Sore Ribs

It’s been about 6 weeks since my accident with the tandem, where I suffered cracked ribs.  I fell on my right side, and getting in and out of bed was a painful ordeal.  In fact, I had to sleep in my lounge chair for about 3 weeks.  This is probably the most painful accident I’ve endured, only because it’s the ribs.  They take a long time to recover from.

The first few weeks, I couldn’t really do any sudden movements.  Any laughs or coughs would make it really painful.  Then, I suffered a cold and cough. which set me back some time too.

After a month, I was able to get some flexibility back, and was able to get back on the bike.  However, not only did I lose fitness, but my core strength was gone.

I got back with the Meetup group for a Sunday ride, and it was great to be back with the gang.  I was able to climb Old LA Honda, but the time was painfully slow.  I just barely made it in 40 minutes (15 minutes slower than my Personal Best).  I ride up with Rhysly, who was also recovering from her own fall in the velodrome.


For the 4th of July weekend, I went down to LA, and we had a ride going up GMR then to Baldy Village.  GMR was closed to car traffic, so I had to take advantage of this.  It was tough but I did make it up to the junction of GMR and GRR, and that’s as far as I would go.


I was at least able to revisit my favorite past time on these rides, taking in terrific views before heading down the mountain.


A few days later, I did some more climbing with my friends Ken and Vic in PV (Palos Verdes).  That was nice.  Short climbs, so that my endurance wouldn’t suffer too much, and of course, spectacular views.  We did around 40 miles that day, with about 3000 feet climbing, and I was still feeling the fatigue.

This past weekend, I did a climb up Redwood Gulch and onto Kennedy and Shannon in Los Gatos.  That was tough, and I could feel myself struggling to make it back .. Another 40 miler. 

I decided to try my hands at a longer distance, a 70 miler that my friend John was leading for Western Wheelers, going to Devil’s Slide bike trail.  The pace was easy going in the beginning which was good.  As with most rides to Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, fog could be an issue, and it was this day.  Too bad we really couldn’t see anything.



The hard part was climbing over Higgins, Lobitos, and Tunitas.  That really took a lot out of me.  I struggled through this, but wasn’t feeling the pain I thought I would.  Instead of lower back pains, my legs were feeling it.  This is different than before, and it seems that my climbing is coming back, but it is slower.

My friend Karen wants me to do Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge with her.  Last week, I would have said no way, but now, I might consider it.  I’ll have to do my Big Basin loop, and see how I feel there before I make a decision.

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Groundhog Day Meets the Matrix

To all my typical blog followers, you normally expect something cycling related, but since I’m off the bike for a while, I have to do something to occupy my time.  It’s a perfect time to catch up on movies. 

I decided to go and see Edge of Tomorrow.  Now I normally don’t like Tom Cruise, but I wanted to see this because he dies multiple times … Kind sadistic isn’t it, but this is part of the plot of the movie.

This was an adaptation of a Japanese military sci-fi flick turned into a feature  film.  The story is set a few years into the future, and mankind has banded together so that it can fight this alien life form that is taking over the world.  The alien looks a little like the attacking drones in the third Matrix film.

Cruise is playing his typical character, smug, snobby, who became an officer, and not a military man.  Then, he gets put into the trenches in the battle.  He dies in the first 10 min, only to be resurrected to the beginning of the day.  Oh darn … Is this a hidden Church of Scientology message?  So this is the Groundhog reference … So he gets killed multiple times, and re-do’s the same day till he gets it right.

The other interesting aspect of this is the technology … No not the CGI, but the military armory and artillery that each soldier has.  They also have the concept of having these weapons that us dependent on battery life.  So as you can see, this has the perfect combination of action, violence, and hi tech geekiness.  Oh yeah, he does get to kiss Emily Blunt, but that’s about the only romantic part of this.

I won’t spoil this for those wanting to see it.  I do highly recommend this for any of my geek friends, who like the combination of action and high tech. 

I saw this with no iMax, no 3D, and I felt I was still able to enjoy this.  Thus flick holds well without all that other technology.  Oh, I was going to see the 11:30 am showing, and I arrived at the ticketing window at 11, and they were still offering tickets for the 10:45 showing.  Came in and caught the beginning if the movie.  Maybe I’ll use this strategy on movies in the future?

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Time to Re-Evaluate My Goals For the Year

I first had a goal of completely DMD this year.  The year started out well, was on track, completing Solvang Double first, and was all prepared for DMD.  My thought was maybe if I finish that, I could do another Triple Crown.

I didn’t finish DMD this year … Bailed  on Sierra.  Oh well, maybe I could still do triple crown by doing Davis and Grand Tour.

However, I had a couple of personal setbacks after DMD.  First, my whole lost Drivers License and Debit Card ordeal.  That made me not in the mood for training.  Do I lost two weeks of fitness there, and was not ready for Davis at all.  In fact, I would be lucky if I completed 60 miles.  So I bailed on Davis.

Then, Memorial Day Weekend came around, and an opportunity to build up my climbing core.  On Memorial Day, I had just finished Page Mill to Woodside loop, and was ready for the ride home.  Then, without warning, I slammed right into the rear of a tandem.

Ouch, that hurt.  Luckily the couple on the tandem seemed OK.  I felt really awful about that.  There didn’t seem to be that much damage on my bike
(shredded tire, out of true wheel), but I still need to take it into the shop.  But I did suffer some bruised on my ribs, and that hurt.

The first few days after the accident, I’ve been having some challenges moving around.  Coughing and laughing made my sides hurt, and getting in and out of bed were a challenge.  Ok, this is a definite sign … This will force me to take some time off the bike.

Now the hard … Time off the bike.  I guess I have to now think of things normal people do when not on the bike.  That’s hard.  But I guess I can catch up on movies, catch up writing blogs, clean the house, and reevaluate my goals for the year.  I think I won’t be able to do this until I am completely healed.  This will most likely mean missing Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, and that really pisses me off.  Oh well, what can I do.  Guess I’ll have to live life like a normal person … Nooooooo!

I envy everyone that is able to ride their bike this weekend.  Just be attentive, and be safe, ride defensive.  Beware if traffic around you, especially if you are looking down at your Garmin.  I’m not sure, but I think that’s what happened to me.  I feel really stupid after this.  :(

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