No I’m Not Driving at 2 am for 2 Hours then Ride a Double

I signed up for Davis Double, but I didn’t reserve the day off like I normally do.  Things happened all of a sudden, and with my worries with my Debit Card, I didn’t think about taking a PTO day and renting a motel the night before.  So this meant waking up really early Saturday morning, driving at 2 am for 2 hours, checking in, then ride for 14+ hours.  When I finally got everything together, my mind was not on the mood, so I went back to sleep.

It was a shame because a bunch of my friends are riding it, and it would have been cool to ride with them.  After my DNF at DMD, I didn’t do much riding at all.  I had my list DL and debit c to deal with … I was on call, so no riding on the weekend, and I had to waste another Saturday waiting for my replacement card via UPS.  My only real riding was last Sunday, and even on that, I was suffering and a fairly flat 62 miler.  Basically, I lost core fitness, and not really ready for a double.


To make up for it, I decided to do a pretty tough 50 miler up Mt. Umunhum.  At first, I would see how I feel climbing up Kennedy, and if I felt well enough, I’d do Hicks, and then if I’m up for it, Mt. Umunhum.


I surprised myself that I was able to make it to the corner of Hicks and Mt. Umunhum Rd.  Since I’m here, what the heck, let’s continue. 


It always amazes me that I never see any other cyclists up this road.  I know others climb this, but I hardly ever see any others when I do this solo.  Or an I just that insane?  Don’t answer that!


As I get closer, I can see the cube at the top of the mountain.  Currently, it’s off limits, and looking forward to when they open that up to the public.  It would be one hell of a chimbfest though.


I’m kind of lucky that the weather cooperated nicely … Temp was in the high 70s, so heat exhaustion wouldn’t be creeping up on me.  I think that helped me get to the Umunhum gate.


I continued past this gate, and the further I went up the steeper the climb got.  Funny how that works out.  It also slowed me down a lot.  I know I’m pretty close to the no trespass line, and its not much to see there.  I figured I shouldn’t kill myself to get to that spot, so now is as good a time to turn around. 

As I’m on my way back, I do notice my back aching a little bit.  This must mean my core strength has gone south.  My endurance is shot, and this makes me glad I bailed on the Double.  I continued on, and was ok as long as there are not too many hills.  This just means I need to do some abs work, planks, and just keep working on endurance rides.  Daily commute are not helping on endurance. But at least I was able to complete Mt. Umunhum, which is no easy feat.

Stats: 56.5 miles, 4164 feet climbing

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