TV Goes Digital — So WHAT!!!!!

So I guess everyone knows that TV broadcasts are going digital. They are making such a big deal about this. I started to think about this … and aside from my passions for cycling (yay Versus), and occasional programs on Discovery (like Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Man vs. Wild, and Destroyed in Seconds), I’m wondering if I’m really going to miss it. Lately, I have been deliberately not turning on my TV, and guess what … I really don’t miss it.

So what do I do to occupy my time if not watching TV? Well, there are the night rides I do … but when it rains, I can’t do that. What do I love to do next? BLOG!!!!

So I started browsing around, and I started latching onto podcasts, and that led me to other blogs. It’s amazing how much time you can sink by hearing podcasts and reading through interesting blogs. I started out with iTunes, and found Geekbrief … of course, it’s got a pretty hot and sexy host there, Cali Lewis. She focuses on another fancy of mine … gadgets! Especially since a lot of it focuses on Macs. Woohoo.

Then, from there, I caught onto a program called Food Science. It was all about why certain things taste the way the are, and why they behave the way they are, from a scientific point of view. The host, Dr. Kiki Sanford, is also pretty hot and sexy … hmmm, is there a theme here??? Then, I found out the same person created a radio show called This Week in Science, or TWIS … Another off shoot of that is skepticblog.

Between geekbrief, twis, skepticblog, and reading Cali Lewis and Kiki Sanford’s blogs, I found it to more than occupy my time, and stimulate my brain. Now that doesn’t mean I am any smarter … but it stimulates my mind, rather than slobbering like mush, watching brainless TV shows. And I have also found these geeks actually entertaining … yes, they can overwhelm me with the content, but they know who their audience is … somewhat technical, but not to the same level of some of the PhD and other scientists.

Maybe I am making an excuse to listen to a hot female talk technical? So what’s your point? LOL

Then, I browsed around some more, and through iTunes, found more technical podcasts that can really sink my time. One called Security Now is excellent, for those wanting to know about what the latest big security threats are. The MC is kinda korny, but the content is great. This is actually a spin-off of This Week in Tech, or TWIT.

Little did I know how much there was in podcasts and blogs … and with iTunes, you get many audio podcasts … for free! And for all those sports fans, ESPN has a whole section of audio podcasts … PBS … normally dull and drab??? NOT Cartalk is one of my favorites, along with Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

So will I miss TV if I throw it out? Probably not. But will I throw it out … probably not.

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