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Favorite Shots of 2009

Bikeforums has a thread on favorite photos of 2009, and that got me thinking of compiling the top 10 photos I took of 2009.  Of course, most of them will involve cycling, so sorry if you were expecting some scenic shots … cycling is my life.

Anyhow, in no particular order, here they are:

Overlooking San Francisco from Twin Peaks

One of the many climbs on Hwy 1 on Tour of California 2009.

Fargo Street.  That’s a 33% grade …. steepest climb in LA.

From the helicopter pad at Chantry Flats, overlooking the San Gabriel Valley

Golden Gate Bridge from the Sausalito side (or North side).  Manacing cloud coverage.

June Lake

Top of Patterson Pass, with a view of the Windmill Farm

Top of Mt. Hamilton.  Blanket of clouds hovering over San Jose.

Trying to keep warm

Ninja Wrecking Crew

So there you have it … my year in pictures.  Funny how it all revolves around cycling?