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Tour de France Streaming

Since I don’t have Versus, I have to rely on live streaming video over the Internet.  It is actually not a bad alternative.  Unfortunately, most of the live streaming are in europe, and most are not in english.  Versus does have it live streaming, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come online till a little later.  Why wait?  Only thing they have on now is some bass fishing show.  Come on Versus, get with the program.

Supersport – http://www.justin.tv/oleolep2p

Versus via Veetle – http://www.veetle.com/viewChannel.php?cid=4a406cd895da1.  You have to download veetle.tv, but once downloaded, it is actually very high quality video … HD?

Supersport, as I am typing this, at 5:41 am, is showing live action.  Versus is showing a pre-stage show … blech!

Update: Later on, determined that Supersport had to stop its broadcast, due to contratual obligations with Versus.  Not sure I quite understand that.  Perhaps all the english language feeds are taken from the same Paul and Phil broadcast.  When I went to ITV, it continued commercial free.

ITV – mms://itvbrdbnd-itv4.wm.llnwd.net/itvbrdbnd_itv4?e=1236419373&h=f509e0a5853e48cc%20a0123df3553643c9