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Stupid Silly Way to Fall

Falling is not a subject that cyclists like to discuss, but this was just silly.  So I’m at a stop light in Los Altos, and I’m ready to go.  I’ve got the green, so my mind says go, my legs ready to accelerate, but my front wheel is pointed towards the right.  Well, you know what happens next … Bam, hit pavement and on my left knee.  Ouch.  Luckily it was on the right side and not too many people saw it, except for the rider approaching the intersection behind me, who most likely saw me fall with her own eyes.

It’s really more of embarrassment, but boy, it’s a painful embarrassment. What’s funny is I got over 15 kudos on Strava from my posting … Bike goes straight but wheel turned in opposite direction.

Upload From Garmin Directly to Strava

I found an excuse to upgrade my Garmin to a 510 (currently have 500).  I now there have been some new features added to the new hardware, with one of them being able to upload your data wirelessly.

The default method is to upload to Garmin Connect.  You do this by downloading the  Garmin Connect app on either your Android or iPhone (don’t know about Windows phone).  Then you establish a Bluetooth connection between your Garmin and your phone.  Once you do this, when you finish your ride, you hit the save button, and it proceeds to upload the data to connect.garmin.com.

However, if you’re like me, I hardly ever go to connect.garmin.com, and rely heavily on Strava.  What I really want to do is upload to Strava.  It turns out someone else already has done the hard part.

You go to http://www.copymysports.com, and it has a tool, where it will look up details of your account through one of your existing Garmin activities (it authenticates you from Garmin to Strava), and once authenticated, it will now copy your activities to Strava.

This does not happen immediately (the site advertised 15 minutes, but it’s more like an hour or more).  But the cool thing is, I didn’t have to manually upload via a USB cable to the Strava web site.  It just does this on its own.  Let’s just hope Garmin and Strava don’t change its api too much, because it is working now.

Quest for 600 for January … Complete

January had been an up and down month for me .. literally.  To start off the year, I was just getting over a cold, so I wasn’t really 100% to start off the new year.  Then, after climbing Sierra Road, I think inhaling the cold air forced me to have a sore throat, coughs, and generally more time off the bike.  Then, I suffered some back spasms.  Damn, January was just not a good month for me.

I recovered from my back spasms after a week and a half, then I was looking at my totals for the Strava January base miles challenge, and I was 60 miles from 600 … on the 31st, the last day of the month.

Well, hell … I can probably get an early start, do the Mt. Eden loop, then head into work.  I was still feeling it a little bit in my back, so I wasn’t going all for it on the hills.  I was probably going 75%.  I did the Mt. Eden loop, got back to the office, and didn’t realize how far from the office Mt. Eden was.  I looked, and I already logged in 30 miles.  Wow!  I’m only 30 miles from my target!

The meetup biking++ group was doing an evening ride, starting in Woodside, going up Kings Mountain, and the whole loop would be ~ 17 miles.  Again, I misunderestimated distance to the start of the ride.  I was estimating if I left the office by 5, I’d be able to get to the start (at Whiskey Hill and Woodside Rd) by 6:30 … but then found out they were leaving by 6:15 … d’oh.  Oh well … I looked at my mileage, and figured just making the trek home, I’ll definitely make it to 600.

I made it home, surpassing the 600 mile mark, and yet another Strava achievement … woohoo!  But unfortunately, I caught a cold from those last miles.  Down again … hopefully for not too long.