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OLH and Kings Recovery Ride?

After the 95 mile, 12,000 foot climb ride on Saturday, we all decided we needed a rest day on Sunday, and with the Labor Day Weekend, there was one more day available to get in a ride.  Since most of us had to go back to work the next day, we didn’t want to kill ourselves by doing an all day ride, so Michael suggested his loop, which goes up Old La Honda, down 84, then up King’s Mountain Road, then down.

Ramon, Chris, and I met up in Los Altos, and rode to the start, which was at Robert’s Market.  Well, should I say hammered on the way to Roberts?  That was probably a more appropriate description.  Right from the get go, Ramon decides we need to sprint, and as expected, we do find a bunch of other riders on Foothill Expy.  Well, they don’t call this street an expressway for nothing.  Except I think they had cars in mind, not speeding bikes.  Is this what they mean by recovery?  Heart rate was covering around 140-160, this begs the question of whether or not I’ll have enough for OLH and Kings?

So after the big hammer fest, we made it to Roberts right at 8 am.  Then, I find out I didn’t bring any food with me.  Good thing we are in front of a “market”!


Most of us were still recovering from Saturday’s epic ride, so none of us were thinking of setting any personal records.  With that in mind, off we go.

Overall I felt good, but definitely not 100%.  I was not expecting to get close to a personal best.  Everyone is up ahead of me, but I was not expecting to be keeping up with them.  Then, low and behold … wow, 29:33.  I cannot remember what my personal best was, but this ranks up there.  Wow … and that is after hammering 20 miles to the base of OLH.

Off we go, descending 84 … this is the fun part.  With my new wheels, I am descending faster than I can remember in recent past.

We stopped off for water at Tripp store, and saw my friend Mike from WW.  He was waiting for the group, a ride lead by NY Chris.  They were going up King’s, just like us, except they were going through Huddart Park, then continuing up Kings.  Wound up getting to the top in 40 minutes.  I think I spent most of my energy on OLH, and didn’t have much else left for Kings.

Off we went back down the hill, and true to form, we wound up sprinting back on Foothill Expressway too.  This due in part from a few riders going south on Foothill, who had just started their ride, so they had fresher legs.  Wound up sustaining about 20-30 mph average going through Palo Alto, into Los Altos.

When all was said and done, I wound up with 59.6 miles and 4407 feet climbing.  These stats don’t make it appear like a recovery ride, does it?