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There is a Speed Limit on Multi Use Trails

I don’t know what the speed limit on Multi Use trails (MUT) is, and I have to admit I do go over what the limit may be, but there are racers out there who think the MUT are their race course.  It definitely is less than 20 mph, and you don’t pass someone on the left who is already in the process of passes another.  That’s what happen to me today.

I was on the Stevens Creek MUT in Mountain View, and was on my way to pass a rider on the left then suddenly a guy in a full Bianchi kit squeezes by me on my left.  What a freakin moron!  I was probably going 18-20 mph, so if this guy was passing me at that rate, he had to be going 25 mph.  Thus should not be happening!  That was followed by another guy who passed me too in a 5 second period.  What’s worse, they didn’t yell out “on your left”.

Ettiquette folks!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, I’ll be spending it here in the Bay Area, and not making the drive down to LA, just because I have to work the weekend.  I’ll make it down during Christmas … besides, since this is the busiest travel time of the year, it may be a better choice.

Ok, rant time … I just saw that K-Mart opened at 6 am today … on Thanksgiving.  WTH.  I also see several malls open today Thanksgiving night at 10 pm, and other department stores open tonight at 8 or 9 pm.  What is wrong with you people … is nothing sacred?  Oh, and there are the people who have been camping out in front of Best Buy for the past week, in anticipation for them opening on Black Friday.  I heard one quote on the news “… family has not had a thanksgiving dinner in years” … that is just wrong.

Ok, rant over … what will I do?  Ride of course … Diablo today, and spending time with friends for thanksgiving dinner afterwards.  A huge thanks for that.  And Friday?  Ride of course … not stepping into any department stores or malls this weekend at all.  I may do my shopping online.

BTW, do you really save that much on Black Friday?  And is it worth it?

Two Idiot Cyclists Had to Ruin My Morning Ride

It started out as a nice commute this morning, as I was in a pretty good rhythm on my fixie.  I don’t know what my cadence was, but all I knew was it was feeling pretty good. 

I then got onto the frontage road at Moffett Park, and the nicely re-paved stretch of road, which is completely flat.  Two riders ride in front of me, and about 0.3 miles into the stretch, I saw a clearing, and moved up ahead and pulled.  I’m not sure if they were drafting me (I assume they were). 

I then get to a red light, so I stop for it.  Then the other idiots pass me (one passes me to the left, the other passes me to the right), and crosses the intersection, completely in red.  In fact, it turned red about 100 ft from the intersection.  Lucky there weren’t many cars making a left turn from the other side.  I wish I had my Contour video camera to film it all.  Talk about “people behaving badly”.

Really, we aren’t all like that, are we?  To those two cyclists who ran the red, you are not above the law … they apply to you too!