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Always Keep a Backup Light Handy

Sometimes you get into a routine that you take some things for granted.  In my case, I ride in the dark without hesitation, and with my bright lights, that gives me confidence to ride not only in darkness, but in traffic too.

My light is a Light and Motion Urban 400 (400 lumen).  I typically charge this light at work with usb to my laptop, which usually isn’t an issue.  Well one day, suddenly I see a message on my PC regarding a power surge to the usb hub (or in this case, docking station).  Suddenly, my light, wireless keyboard, all fall.  So I unplug all usb devices, then plug back everything again .. keyboard, console works again, and I didn’t think anything off the light.  I left it plugged in to continue charging.

Now on this day, I forget to bring my backup auxiliary light … Murphy’s Law?  I head home, try to turn on my light and it won’t turn on.  Damn, it’s a good thing Sports Basement is close by, so that I can buy a light there.  This was last Friday before the time change, so that gave , me just enough light to make it to Sports Basement.

I get home, then I charge it to my wall socket, and leave it overnight.  It is blinking an amber led, which usually means it is 30% charged.  I wake up the next morning, and it’s still amber (it should turn green when fully charged).  This light is toasted, fried, you name it.

Just my luck, this light is just over a year old, so there went the warranty.  I still find it strange that the laptop showed a power surge.  I’ve never had that happen before. 


I went ahead and bought a Niterider Lumina 700 (700 lumens).  So now I keep a backup light, no matter what type of ride it is.  Lesson learned, and don’t take things for granted.