Upgraded to Pixel 3 … I Just Had to Do It

I’ve had a Pixel Android phone for a couple of years.  However, I started noticing that my battery was not lasting that long on a charge.  It wouldn’t last a whole day at the office, on a full charge.  I would have to do a charge at around 3 pm.  Now I probably could have taken it into a cell phone repair place, buy a new battery, and have them install it, but I heard a lot of good things about the camera.  Then, Black Friday came around, along with all the discounts, so I decided to buy myself an early Christmas present.

I was contemplating, when I had to replace my phone, I might go with an iPhone.  One of my requirements, was I didn’t want a huge phone. The current iPhones were a bit large, and oddly enough, the one that would fit more comfortably in my hand, and not too bulky, would be the Pixel 3.

I have to hand it to Google and GoogleFi … they make the transition so easy.  The Pixel 3 also features an eSIM, which meant I didn’t have to transfer my SIM card over.  All I had to do was log in to GoogleFi, do some USB to USB transfer, and voila.

Probably the most difficult part of this transition was for work related apps.  In order to access email, and other resources on my phone, I had to import some certificates, which took more of an ordeal than it really had to.  It basically meant a couple of visits to IT, with them pushing down a certificate to me.

Now on with the phone .. It’s clean, very responsive, and thankfully, wireless charging is back.  The Pixel stand, the wireless charging stand, is so cool.  The only gripe I have, is that you can’t say “OK Google”, and have Google Assistant work.  I have to actually unlock the phone, touch the Google Assistant icon, and then bark my orders.

I’m sure you have seen the annoying commercials on TV, for the camera on Pixel 3.  The “flash” commercial, or the night vision camera, which allows you to take pictures in low light, without the flash.  I’ve gotta say, it does take excellent pictures.  Here are some samples I took at night, or at dusk.

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Not a bad camera, eh?