Forget the iPad … I went for a Netbook

With all the hype with the iPad, I couldn’t fathom me using it as my own tool, for whatever I needed.  Plus, if I ever wanted to use it for work, I couldn’t see myself using it as a legitimate networking tool.  So with that in mind, I splurged, and went for a Netbook.  It was the Asus EeePC.

The keyboard is smaller, but it’s not all that bad.  My fingers are not all that big, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to use this keyboard.  I didn’t find myself squinting too much at the smaller screen, but I do notice a little bit of a lag compared to my normal PC, even when just typing on here.

It is much more convenient to carry around, and it has a whopping 8.5 hours on a single charge … a lot lighter too.  Much easier to carry around.  However, I still won’t be able to carry this around on rides when I’m on-call … but it is fun to carry it around without weighing a ton.