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There is a Speed Limit on Multi Use Trails

I don’t know what the speed limit on Multi Use trails (MUT) is, and I have to admit I do go over what the limit may be, but there are racers out there who think the MUT are their race course.  It definitely is less than 20 mph, and you don’t pass someone on the left who is already in the process of passes another.  That’s what happen to me today.

I was on the Stevens Creek MUT in Mountain View, and was on my way to pass a rider on the left then suddenly a guy in a full Bianchi kit squeezes by me on my left.  What a freakin moron!  I was probably going 18-20 mph, so if this guy was passing me at that rate, he had to be going 25 mph.  Thus should not be happening!  That was followed by another guy who passed me too in a 5 second period.  What’s worse, they didn’t yell out “on your left”.

Ettiquette folks!