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Thursday Night Hill Meetup

South Bay Bicycling Meetup group had a Thursday night hill ride, that started in Cupertino, so I went an RSVP’d for this.  This was perfect, as the start was < 30 minute ride for me, plus it went through hills I normally do (Mt. Eden, Pierce, Toll Road).

South Bay Meetup Group at Cupertino Bike Shop

The group is actually pretty quick and brisk.  They climb about the same level as me (I’m not trailing behind everyone), so I think I’ll be doing more of these.

Aron, the ride leader, threw in some hill sprints, but I’m not able to keep up on those quick sprints.  We went up Mt. Eden, then Pierce, and went back and climbed Toll Road.  Oooh .. nice!

Toll Road climb

And here’s my lame Alberto Contador impersonation.

Then after we did this, we climbed the rest of Pierce a second time.  I like this loop … maybe I’ll do repeats of this when I have limited time to ride.  We then continued on Hwy 9, and climbed up till we got to Redwood Gulch, then down for the steep descent.  All in all, a nice midweek after work ride.