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New Toy – Micro 4/3 Mirrorless Camera

Ok, maybe you should call me a boy with toys … If anyone knows me well, I like technology, whether it comes to network equipment, bikes, if it’s high tech, I’m into it.  I’ve always like taking photos, so why not have photography as one of those hobbies.  Actually, I did dabble with photography back in high school, and a little bit in college, but that was way back before the digital age.


I’ve always liked smaller, compact cameras, and when I looked at DSLR cameras, they were all fairly big.  Then, I started researching about the concept of 4/3 format mirrorless cameras.  The whole concept of the SLR, where you have a mirror that reflects off to the viewfinder, means you need to have physical space to allow this.  Since everything is digital, there is no need for a mirror anymore.  However, the DSLR still is huge.  I then read that with the micro 4/3 format, the size of the sensor (which actually replaces the surface area of the old film) is smaller, as well as the lenses.  When compared to the old lenses of SLR’s, the focal length is actually doubled.  For example, a 25 mm lense would be analogous to a 50 mm SLR lens.  When I read this, it’s a no brainer … smaller camera body, smaller lens, I’m in for it.

I think what pushed me over the edge was the Amazon deal of the day offers on Facebook.  Curse you Amazon … you keep making me spend money … but it’s all good.

Now just because I have this really cool camera, does not mean I take good pictures.  I try, but at least it enhances the chances of a better picture.

Now these were all taken with some of the pre-canned settings … all I have to start playing around, using raw settings, combined with Lightroom.

You may be wondering, how do I take these pictures, while being on the bike?  Well, it’s amazing how compact this camera can fit in my camelbak!


Otherwise, I have my commuter bike, and can fit it in my bag, along with stuffing my change of clothes in the same bag as well.


If I don’t ride my commuter bike, then it’s either the camelbak, or a light back pack.