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No, Not Another “Evolution is Coming” Radio Station Plans

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When I first moved to the Bay Area (17 years ago), I had to find a  radio station to replace what I was listening in LA.  My listening tastes were classic rock, and a little alternative rock.  I found one that fit that mold exactly, KFOG.  It was perfect, the DJ’s were cool, it was one station that I could listen to, and not need to veer away from it.

Features I liked included 10 at 10 (10 great songs from one great year), acoustic sunrise and sunset (as the word implies, acoustic versions of some hit songs), Live from the Archives (guest artists coming in, to play their songs, kinda like MTV Unplugged, if you are old enough to remember that), and was very well connected with the community, sponsoring concerts like Kaboom (mixing concert with fireworks at the Embarcadero).

It’s true, the last couple of years, the station has gone through some changes (I guess due to declining ratings).  As a result, I have looked to alternative stations, like The Sound, radio station in LA.  But I would always come back to KFOG every now and then.  Now, just heard that they are laying off the majority of the DJs, and it’s now a robotic automated station until their formal change in format later this month.

Boo … and boy, you should see the responses on Facebook.  This is very bad news for radio overall.  They are taking a San Francisco tradition, and destroying it.

Their website says now “The evolution is coming”.  Translation … we are destroying your radio station.  I’ve seen that with 3 other stations, and they all say the same thing … evolution.  Is this some buzzword that the radio industry uses, that thinks listeners will want to embrace?  What are they thinking?  Same thing happened when KMET became the Wave … when KCSA became a spanish station …

I guess I really am listening  to the Sound full time now.  Not that that’s a bad thing … just not a local station, that’s all.  Maybe they should syndicate Mark in the Morning here …