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Epic Jamison Ride

Jamison Creek is one hell of a hard ride (not just because it is steep), but the climb comes in after 40 mile and 4000 feet climbing in your legs.  This is my climbfest in the Bay Area.

It started out with Redwood Gulch, which is no slouch either, with some 15-20% grades in a 1.5 Mike stretch.  Then, a long climb up Hwy 9 over Skyline, down into Big Basin.  And oh, there are some rollies when getting to Big Basin.  Believe me, those rollies can wear on you.


I always going through Big Basin, and in those hot summer days, it’s cool to ride through tree shaded park.  Has some pretty awesome trees too.


Finally, got to Jamison Creek at Hwy 236.  The house at this corner always has some cute decorations, letting you know where you are.  This time, it’s strawberry theme.  Not sure what the significance is, but it’s pretty cool.


Having ridden this before, I know what’s awaiting me … some really tough switchback, and one particular that kicks you at 16%.  I was looking out for that … don’t want to get stuck dismounting and struggling just to climb again.  All I know is I had to concentrate on breathing and just push through each stroke.

I was the only one on this climb.  I guess it’s either not that popular, or people are more sane than to try this.  Finally made it to the top, and I had to take about a 10 minute break, just to recover.


Ugh, now I just realized the second part of this ride is getting back home.  That’s like another 30 and 3000 feet of climbing.

I did make it back, but it was crawling up that hill (I guess as long as you complete it, that’s all that counts).  Total stats … 75.9 miles, 7838 feet of climbing.  Wow, big ride.  So much that I couldn’t even muster up a recovery ride > 20 miles.  But I guess I just gotta get my body back into long distance shape.

Jamison on the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, and welcome to Jamison Creek

Happy 4th of July everyone. We were still recovering from the massive week-long heatwave here in the Bay Area, and Saturday was the first real day where it wasn’t sweltering heat. This was my first opportunity to do Jamison, in preparation for Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge.

It’s too bad, because here we have a long 4 day weekend, and the heat limited what I was going to do for the 4th.  All I did was do an out and back to King’s Mountain.  It would have been longer, but the heat and humidity really sapped my energy, and I had no urge to climb any additional hills that day.

This day, Saturday, was much better.  In fact, the fog back reached all the way to Boulder Creek, so it was a little overcast, perfect conditions for climbing the beast (aka Jamison Creek).  The corner house always has some decoration to give you a landmark (whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or 4th of July).

There was only a couple women on the road besides me, but they took a break, and I didn’t have any target, so look like it’s a time trial for me.  I guess this was good for me, so that I didn’t burn myself out.  The steep switchbacks didn’t catch me by surprise this time, and I felt as long as my pedals kept moving, I’d be in good shape.  I don’t think my speed went below 5 mph, so that was a good thing.

Just my luck, the sun peeps out while on the climb, but at least it was still in the 70’s.  However, sweat kept dripping down my face, so off with the glasses.

My original plan was to climb Jamison, then descent Empire Grade, and do Zayante.  Well, after that effort, I didn’t feel in the mood for doing the long slog up Zayante, so back down the hill I go.

The only way to go back home is up, so China Grade awaits me.  As expected, I didn’t have too much in my legs for China Grade, so I was in mere survival mode up this hill.  Sure, I could have gone through the park entrance to Big Basin, but China Grade is a short cut … a vertical short cut, but still, a short cut.  🙂

Great day for a ride … temps in the 70’s, and a good training ride.  75 miles and 8100 feet of climbing … I’d say that’s a good training day.  Plus, going through Big Basin is always a scenic ride.  Guess I should get ready for my recovery ride today.