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Almost RMA’d my Garmin

My HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) on my Garmin gave out a while ago, so I have been training without knowing how my HR is doing on the climbs.  I figured it was because I put a heavy dumb bell on top of my HRM and probably shorted something out, and that was it for the HRM, and the HR function on the Garmin.  I checked for a replacement, and they were asking for $60 for it.  $60?  I decided to pass on that.

So I went ahead and bout a Trek altimeter, with HR functionality.  I was using that, in combination with my Garmin.  It felt kinda silly to have two computers on my bike, but see others had too.  I still think it’s odd.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago, I was at Sports Basement (my favorite store), and saw replacement Garmin HRM … $50 … well, ok, impulse buy.  I tried it out, thinking I will now have HR functionality … but guess what.  It still didn’t work.  What gives?  I tried so many things … wet the HRM, replace battery, leave it out to discharge … still nothing.

So I was getting ready for a ride, and I put on my HRM strap for my Trek.  I happen to turn on the Garmin, and wow … it’s registering my heart rate!  I guess it would make sense, that it should be able to pick it up, assuming it operates on the same frequency.  But why would the Garmin HRM not be able to pick it up?  Maybe the HRM strap I got works on the 605 and 705, which work off a different frequency?  Oh well … if anyone needs an extra Garmin HRM strap, who has a 605 or 705, let me know.  I’d be interested to see if my theory is correct.

This is just totally ironic.  Well, now I can track the HR on those tough climbs, like Montebello, Bohlman/On Orbit, Sierra, and yes, Quimby!