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A Laid Back Century – Grand Tour Lite


LA Wheelmen put together the Grand Tour Lite, which does part of the Grand Tour route, but in a shorter length.  On the century and metric route, they only had one stop, which makes it convenient to support (we actually looped around to hit it two times).

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It was great to see some old friends here, and typically those that did the full Grand Tour double went and did this, just to relive this route.


I did the lowland century route, which pretty much hugged along the coast, and it must have been the fastest century I’ve ever done. It was 2100 feet elevation, over 96 miles. I do rides that climb that much in 20 miles.


One group that came along were from Mattel, makers of Hot Wheels. I love their jersey.

It was warm enough that arm warmers were just right. I brought my windbreaker jacket with me, but that stayed in my jersey pocket. No wonder I had so much junk in my jersey pockets.

So the one drawback with limited stops … having to pee … yeah, I know, TMI.  That’s especially after getting the ride started by drinking a Latte at Starbucks.


After the 1st rest stop, it was a short 20-25 mile loop around Oxnard.  Someone told me one of the crops they grow here is … grass.  Grass??? Well, I guess they ship it to various stadiums … but really … grass as a crop?

What would have been nice was to extend this up to Ventura, and maybe turn it into a lowland double metric … but then again, there is the economizing of the rest stop … the entry fee for this was $30 … try to find an organized century ride for that price.


After coming back to the rest stop, a second time, and a second lunch, it’s time for the return trip.  This time, we stopped by Pt. Mugu, and a mini-Naval museum.  Usually, we pass through this on the double in the morning, with no time to stop … but since we are treating this as a social ride, and not really pressed on time, why not stop.  Hmm … stopping to enjoy the sights … what a concept.


The rest of the ride … ok, well if you we have to keep seeing the ocean view, I guess that will have to do.  We would get about 20 miles of this … wow, what torture … but we do have a bunch of rollies that we have to contend with, so I guess that does make the last 20-30 miles interesting … I mean, something has to make up for the cumulative 2000 feet of climbing over the century length.

This was a fun ride, great weather, and got to ride along the coast.  All this for only $30 … how could anyone complain about this combination?