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Hey Go Pro … Ever Hear of QA?

In this day, where more people are using high tech devices, you would think that manufacturers would be more stringent on QA testing.  Well, maybe my standards are too high, because I work in Customer Support for firewall and router devices?

Recently, Go Pro released new software (version 2.3) for their Quik application on PC and Mac desktops.  Soon after releasing that software, it failed to load any videos.  It would always give you a “Loading Media” message, and it stays there forever.  It still is able to import videos, but after it’s finished, you can’t view it.  You can’t even view videos that had been previously imported.  The prior release, 2.1, was fine.  I had 2.1 on my drive from previous upgrade … I uninstalled 2.3, and installed 2.1 … the result … I’m able to view my videos now.

This problem is not just isolated to me … I’ve seen many other people complain about this on their forum … Mac and Windows platforms of various OS’s.  I posted that downgrading to 2.1 resolved the issue, and others have commented that it works too.

So why do they release software, that is extremely easy to reproduce.  I mean, it happens on all OS’s.  So Go Pro, don’t you QA your software before you release it … like any other vendor out there?

Ok, rant over …

Go Pro Hero 3 is Worth the Upgrade

After having my Go Pro Hero 3 for about a week, I have to say hands down, this is the best sports video camera around.  I got over the notion that this looks like a McDonald’s Happy Meal, but it doesn’t look as intrusive as before.  True, it still looks weird when I see it on someone’s helmet, but you can’t complain about the quality of the videos.

Some observations, comparing it to the Contour (which I’ve used for the past couple years):

  1. It picks up a lot more audio, and a lot more breathing too :).  Because it picks up a lot more audio, it also points out possible maintenance needed on the bike!
  2. It’s much more stable.  There is not as much noise from the mounts (that has always been the problem with the Contour).  I’ve tried various ways to tweak the mount on the Contour, and the last one spelled death for the Contour (using velcro only)
  3. Filming on descents are much smoother, quieter, and each little bump is absorbed.  On the Contour, any little bump feels like you are going down with a spectacular crash.
  4. Stock software seems to have more control of the video itself.  I like the fact that it allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc.  The only odd thing is where you import it, then add it to the compiled list on the app, then create the video on mp4, even though it also creates an avi file.  Personally, I don’t see any use in creating the avi file, because you can’t upload it to youtube anyways.
  5. One limitation is the flexibility in mounting.  With the Contour, I can mount it by the head tube, fork, and adjust the angle from the camera itself.  On the Go Pro, I’ll have to rely on various angle positions of the mount itself.  I guess I’ll have to look into the other mounts, like the Chesty, or the K-mount.  Seems to be a lot of reports where the stock handlebar mount has a tendency to break off.  That’s not good.