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Freezing Temperatures in California?

Yes, it can get quite cold in California every once in a while.  Aided by a cold front from Alaska, we have been in a bit of a cold snap.  To all you easterners, go ahead, have your laughter. 

Now what do I mean by cold?  Well, freezing temperature.  32° F, or 0° C for all of my metric friends.  So will that mean I’ll stop riding during this cold snap?  Hell no!  I gotta prove that even though I’m from California, I can be bad ass too.

So what do I wear?  Well, I’ve got a 3/4 leg warmer (goes down to my calves), wool socks (which in combination with my 3/4 leg warmers covers all of my leg), fleece long sleeve jersey (which I absolutely love), skull cap (which I can pull down to my ears), toe warmers, light jacket, and wind resistant long fingered gloves.  It’s not cold enough to require a balaclava, but I do see others with it, and I chuckle seeing that.  If it was in the 20s, I could see wearing that, but it’s not that cold yet.

On my commutes into work, it has dipped to 32° F every day for the past 3 days for the while ride, so it’s not like I get into a small ravine … It is constant. 

Too bad there is no precipitation in the air.  Would have been cool to ride with some snow flakes falling.