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Daylight Savings Time .. Yay!

Daylight savings time .. yay!  Not only does that mean I can leave the office with daylight, but it also means I can do a little more riding after work.  It’s really nice not having to carry that big extra bulky battery for my Stella 300 (even though I still carry the Urban 400, but I can just mount that on my handlebar.  This also means I don’t have to mount it on my helmet, and have a head heavy ride.

Meetup rides are more fun … I get to see what everyone looks like … LOL.  I also get more aggressive with daylight, and I think everyone else did too.  We did Los Altos Hills, and it just felt like a more frisky ride.  Paloma gave us a swift kick in the ass, and if that weren’t enough, we then attacked Mora.  I think I over prepared myself for Mora, and just went on the easiest gear, but that did make my time suffer a bit.  By the time I finished this, I went back home, and only had to turn lights on with 3 miles to go.  That’s a win win!

Funny note about yesterday’s commute … I rode all fall and winter, in the dark, and without a flat.  Now, riding in bright daylight, I get a flat.  Doesn’t make sense does it?  Go figure.