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It was the Disc Rotor After All

I’ve had a problem with my front disc squealing like crazy. I only noticed it after I replaced my front and rear disc rotor recently. It was squealing on the front discs only … the rear was fine.

When I noticed this, I discounted it being the disc. I only had it for a few months when I first noticed it. I mean, it couldn’t be the disc, because it was too old. After inquiring through various channels, the suggestions were:

  1. Disc rotors are dirty. Resolution is to spray the disc with cleaning substance, or rubbing alcohol. It got to a point where I would carry portable medical wipes (pre-dipped with rubbing alcohol).
  2. Clean the brake pads. It was suggested to take the disc pads out, put a drop of dishwasher detergent, then rub the pads together, and rinse it off.
  3. Sand down the disc rotor with sandpaper

The sand paper idea helped for a little bit, but it eventually came back. I went through 3 sets of replacement disc brake pads (including going from organic, to sintered, then back to organic), but that didn’t help.

Finally, I broke down, and decided to buy a disc rotor. I decided to buy a different one .. my old one was a Tektro … I decided to get a Shimano this time.

After struggling with the alignment, I finally took it out for a few spins, and so far so good. Going through several hill climbs, and hill descents, it seems to be as quiet as I would expect it to be. It still doesn’t seem that the disc is bad, but the proof is in the ride. I guess I can now ride in the early morning, and not be worried that I will be waking up the neighborhood.