Can a Cold Really Zap Your Core Strength

So I got over my cold, so then I decided to go for a ride. I went up a hill, then suddenly I felt a whiff of cold air go right to my lungs. Uh oh, not a good sign … So what do I do? Like an idiot, I continued to climb Montebello.

I knew I was not going to break any speed records, but damn, I was slow.

Then, yesterday, I do a climb up OLH. Felt okay, but one thing I noticed was my core strength felt deteriorated. My time up OLH was 32 minutes. Damn, that’s about 5 minutes slower than my average time. Plus, I felt the weakness in my core. I guess I’ll have to do more planks, but I think having this cold, have coughing so much has zapped my core. That’s going to set my training back a ways.

Not Getting Any Younger

After having a bout with back spasms,  I came to the realization that I’m going to be 50 in 2 months and I’m not the spring chicken I used to be.  Having back spasms it’s really painful,  and its something I would really like to avoid.

I started doing easy ab crunches on those big gym balls, and that readily helped me get over my back problems.  I really do have to thank my co-workers, as they suffered through the same thing and pointed me in the right direction.  So I’m going to continue doing these crunches,  and also do planks,  just to get my core strength stronger to help with my climbing. 

I don’t know if I am back to the shape I was before my back spasms, but I do know I wasn’t climbing very well.  Maybe my weak core was accumulating over the past few months without me knowing it.  All I know is I am continue many daily stretching routines and possibly take a yoga class.  This has definitely been a wake up call.