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I Can Use Android Pay as an ATM Card

I’ve been using Android Pay for a couple of years, and it’s great.  I regularly use it when I go to the market, and I just pay with my phone.  I also use it at a few favorites, like Chili’s, Subway … I just wish everyone would use Android Pay.  I was thinking … if only I could use my phone as an ATM card, without having to pull my ATM card out.  There was a time, where I forgot to bring my wallet, and I commuted into work.  Since I didn’t have my wallet, I didn’t have money to pay for lunch.

Now, I find that my bank does support Apple and Android Pay.  Sweet!  All I did was go onto my bank app, chose Android Pay, choose my account, and voila.  Now I can swipe my ATM machine.  Very cool!

Since I always carry my phone around, if I happen to forget my wallet, I have a backup.  Sweet!