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iTunes LP: Another Reason Why Apple Sucks

Fresh off the announcement that iTunes is going away, I thought I’d review all the songs/titles I have on iTunes.  One that I haven’t played in a long time is the Beatles Box Set.  This included some exclusive videos, as well as all the songs, album covers, liner notes, etc.  So when I go to iTunes app on my Mac, I see the following:

It doesn’t show any tunes.  If I try to play, it takes me to another screen with the album cover, but nothing when I click play.

Then I found out they discontinued iTunes LP.  But I didn’t think that meant they would remove the ability to play.  So they screwed me over … $149 box set, no it’s worth nothing.

Back to the Mac Again

I’ve been looking into getting a Mac for a while now.  One of the things that prompted me this way is graphics and video editing … the Mac just has that nailed down.

I tried all sorts of software on the Windows side (like Adobe Premiere), but it just isn’t as smooth as it is on the Mac.  Yeah, there is Moviemaker on Windows, but iMovie on the Mac just has a more intuitive look and feel, for those wanting very simple video editing (like trimming, truncating your videos).

I was contemplating the iMac 21 inch, but wanted to make sure there wasn’t a hot new model around the corner.  I saw the iMac 27 inch Retina Display, but that was way too expensive, and besides, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Retina Display, and a normal display.

Finally, today, my laptop’s HD took a dump … couldn’t boot it … I mean the drive wouldn’t even spin.  Ok, this is my excuse … off the Fry’s to buy an iMac.

Since I’ve had 5 other Mac models before, I knew what I was getting myself into.  No more Ctrl-Alt-Del, no BSOD, but I did have to break old PC habits … had to find the Control Panel (System Preferences), no Ctrl-C (it’s now cmd-C).  Ah yes … back to the old Apple menu, to find things like OS, memory, etc … The whole cmd vs. Ctrl thing is going to screw with me for the next week or so, but it will be fun getting used to that.  Plus I have a shell I can access directly, without having to download an app (since this thing has a BSD shell built in … nice).

One thing that is annoying … the mouse.  The scroll on the mouse is backwards than what you would think.  I mean you slide your finger up, to scroll down?  That doesn’t make sense to me at all … but I guess I’ll get used to it again, like other things.

Also, Safari web browser doesn’t seem to like Adobe Flash.  I had several sites that required it … then I installed Google Chrome, and then I was able to view it.  Damn, Apple, when are you going to play by the rules, and be compatible with everyone else?