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Not Another Fall

… yes, unfortunately, I took another fall earlier this week. ┬áThis was just on my commute into work, and it’s funny how everything seemed to be all going smoothly, and then suddenly, wham! ┬áThere was no car involved, but some … Continue reading

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Time to Re-Evaluate My Goals For the Year

I first had a goal of completely DMD this year.  The year started out well, was on track, completing Solvang Double first, and was all prepared for DMD.  My thought was maybe if I finish that, I could do another … Continue reading

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Jousting on the Bike is Painful

Monday, I was getting out of the office at around 5:30 pm, and there was still sunlight out.  This was great … I was thinking I might be able to go all the way home in daylight.  In other words, … Continue reading

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