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Certifications … They Only Test that You Can Take a Test

In Tech Support, the big thing is to gain as many certifications as you can … Oh boy.  I’ve been at this for 20 years, and just because you have this fancy CCIE or JNCIE, all that means is you … Continue reading

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One Long Day

This was one of those long days, and not one that will never end.  No, this was one busy day. It started out bad … Two of our guys in the East coast were going to be out, so being … Continue reading

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The Problems of Working From Home

Due to some office re-configuration of office space, I’ve been working from home for the past 3 weeks.  Now when you think about that, you’d think that’s great, but there are some changes in lifestyle pattern which make this a … Continue reading

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But I Don’t Want a Cable Modem Router

Current trend these days, is when you have an ISP broadband connection, like cable modem (e.g.  Comcast or AT&T), they require the connection be terminated at their router, and you have no control over it.  I really hate this, as … Continue reading

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Another Office Move and Changes to Commute Routine

So they’ve decided to move Customer Services into the new campus, and no longer treat us like an isolated island.  There is hope after all, but along with this comes done significant change.  One of those changes involved my commute. … Continue reading

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Moving to Smaller Confines

Time for a move to another building, once again.  After 11 years, this is now my 5th building I am moving into.  That’s not bad … the latest stretch was actually longer than I thought.  I stayed at my last … Continue reading

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New Year, New Department

With the turning of the new year, it also marks the turning of a slight turn in my career path.  It’s not a drastic change, but it is a change.  After 11 years in Tech Support, supporting ScreenOS, I am … Continue reading

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One Strange Week

This week has been out of the ordinary. Of course, the beginning of the week is always rough, because you are trying to deflate back to earth, after going through the adventures from the past weekend. This past weekend was … Continue reading

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Bike to Work Day

May 14, 2009, is national Bike to Work Day, and this week is Bike to Work Week. So I did my deed and biked into work every day except Wednesday. Ok, I didn’t ride Wednesday because I was lazy, and … Continue reading

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5 Year NetScreen Reunion

When I first moved up to the Bay Area, it was a career decision for me. I had worked for 4 years as an IT person at E! Entertainment Television, and I just didn’t feel myself growing technically. I decided … Continue reading

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