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Those Annoying Video Auto-Play

Ever go to a web site, which has multiple video feeds, and you are trying to read an article, then suddenly, this video automatically plays … arghhh!!!!  It is damned annoying.  Well, I finally found a way to have it … Continue reading

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Hey Go Pro … Ever Hear of QA?

In this day, where more people are using high tech devices, you would think that manufacturers would be more stringent on QA testing.  Well, maybe my standards are too high, because I work in Customer Support for firewall and router … Continue reading

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Go Pro Mounts Make a Difference

I recently upgraded to a Go Pro Hero 5 Session, and I’ve been trying this on multiple different types of mounts. My typical mount is the handlebar mount However, sometimes when you have a lot of crap on your handlebar … Continue reading

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Go Pro Hero 3 is Worth the Upgrade

After having my Go Pro Hero 3 for about a week, I have to say hands down, this is the best sports video camera around.  I got over the notion that this looks like a McDonald’s Happy Meal, but it … Continue reading

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Idiot Move Demands a Go Pro Upgrade

I was always jealous of how other cyclists videos look much better than mine.  Their videos always looked smoother, and it didn’t shake too much.  So I decided to Velcro the camera tightly to my handlebar stem. For the most … Continue reading

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Contour Handlebar Mounted Doesn’t Work Well on Chipsealed Roads

I recently did Hamilton this weekend, and was going to video my descent down the backside of Hamilton.  The road is chipsealed, but I thought I’d take video anyways.  The video was so bumpy and so choppy, I’m wondering if … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Different POV with my Contour

I’ve had my Contour video camera for a couple years now, and was experimenting with different points of view from the camera.  Now I know most of you, who have a video camera for your cycling probably have a GoPro, … Continue reading

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Uphill Suffer Festival Videos

I’ve been playing around with my Contour helmet cam for several weeks now, and came to the conclusion that it’s more fun to show the pain and suffrage of climbing a hill, rather than the fast descents (although that is … Continue reading

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