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Mellow Sunday Ride

After yesterday’s after lunch hammer fest on the Patterson Pass ride, I didn’t have much left in my legs. I was really dragging my way to get to the Peet’s Coffee Shop. I just couldn’t move my pedals … it might be after being two weeks off the bike and the effects of doing a 67 miles were getting to me? Perhaps, but I think it may be because of the highly spirited ride after lunch.

I also brought my digital SLR in my messenger bag, with hopes to take some shots from the top of Montebello.

Anyhow, today’s ride was truely going to be mellow. I met Michael (mellum76) at Peet’s and luckily he was all in for making this a mellow ride. I showed him San Antonio Ranch Park, and had to warn him there would be many picture stops. As we were ready to exit the park, I let him know the RC Planes usually are out in force here. That was enough for us to take a stop and admire all the fancy maneuvers. I guess you can call this our version of the poser ride, except there were no pastries or coffee involved. Just lots of cool RC planes.

We could have spent all day here, but we were out here to do a ride, weren’t we? But the lolly gagging was a welcome relief for me.

We proceeded through a cul-de-sac, and proceeded through a hidden, little know path that avoids traffic, and even skips one hill. From this hide-away bike path, we have a nice view of San Antonio Ranch Park from a different perspective.

Ok, enough of the lolly-gagging … onto Montebello for the climb. It was a glorious day, very much like yesterday. There was no fog like there was yesterday, and nothing but sun sun sun, and amazingly blue sky.

As soon as we started climbing, my legs were feeling the effects. I just could not get any power out of my legs. It’s a bad sign when you have to get into the lowest gear possible, and not even going a mile into the climb. I knew I just had to take my time today. This was a good excuse for me to take out the camera and take a few scenic shots on my way up the climb.

I had to take a stop at the first hairpin. Yeah, I know, I’ve taken this picture before, but I had to stop because my legs were tired, and second, that I haven’t taken this picture with my SLR.

With all the stops that I was taking (even though it was only 3), this was a familiar sight … Michael waiting for me. I do appreciate him waiting around for my led legs to wake up.

Oh, and of course, some scenic shots

So after about 3 stops on the climb up, it took me about an hour and 5 minutes. But at least I made it to the top. Just to prove I did make it here, I took a shot of my bike, overlooking the valley in the background.
Few hours after finishing this ride, my legs still feel like led. I think this is just a sign of not enough base miles lately. I am beginning to worry that with the tour, and being 2 weeks off the bike (minimum), that my severely impact my training schedule … I may have to bail on Solvang this year. Bummer.